Laura H Elliott


“I am the same in the arts as I am with life and learning, inquisitive and driven. My work is a dichotomy of mediums, as I create paintings side by side with my metal clay work. The exploration of my ideas over the years has led to an abstraction in my work, with one medium directly inspiring the other. It was a slow progression towards this change, but it has ignited such a new energy into my work. I adore both mediums, with each having its own process and challenges. I find painting an unfocused, instinctual process, with a simple colour palette choice being the only planning I do. The metal clay is the opposite, as planning is key for the components used to work within the medium; however, the execution of my designs is, again, an instinctive process. Though my two mediums light a fire in my mind, each allows me to express my feelings and representations of life and who I am due to the contradiction of their natures, one being 2D and the other 3D. The challenge of working with clay has been a lifelong passion and it was when I decorated a clay piece of work aged 14 that I discovered painting and I have been in love with both ever since. I enjoy both mediums as they are unique, are a challenge and draw out of me the essence of who I am. The titles of each collection link together with the focal point of landscapes creating a united dialogue, but they break away from each other when you focus on the unique combinations of mediums and the final artworks. They both explore my fire, passion and life and I adore the challenges they create, just as life does. My art is a reflection of me always has been a deep love and is something that is a part of who I am, my identity.”


• Degree Art Gallery, Somerset House, New Wing, Strand, London – WC2, UK
• Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK
• Riverside Gallery, London – SW13, UK
• Art In The Heart Gallery, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK
• Caiger Arts, Ewell, Surrey, UK
• SUKI Gallery, Tutbury, UK
• Focus Gallery NG1, Nottingham, UK
• OKK Arts, Birmingham, UK
• Cromford Studio and Gallery, Matlock, Derbyshire, UK
• Flux Gallery, London, UK


• Creative Coverage. Southampton, UK
• Fenster Art, Canterbury, UK


• Art and Media BA (Hons) – University of the Creative Arts, Farnham (2008)
• Art and Design Access Diploma (2003)
• Art and Design and History A Level (1995)


• Art & Museum Magazine (Print Edition) – July 2019
• Artists Talk Magazine (Print and Online Edition) – June 2019
• Creativ Paper Magazine (Print and Online Edition) – December 2018 -
• World Of Interiors (Print Edition) – December 2018
• BBC Radio Berkshire Interview – 21st July 2018
• The Moment Magazine (Print Editions) - May/June - Nov/Dec 2018, Jan/ Feb 2019
• Degree Art Gallery Artist Interview - “Energetic Art Featuring Emotional Content” (04-2017) @
• The Palette Pages – Artist Interview (03-2016) @
• Iris Art Magazine, Interview – “Laura Elliott's Art Journey is a Roller Coaster Ride” in the Signature Style section (01-2015) @


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