Nadi Adatepe

Nadi Adatepe

Location: Norway

Born in Istanbul in 1966 and living in Norway since 1990, Nadi Adatepe is a self-taught digital artist, based in Oslo. He has been developing his skills primarily creating digital art with fractal software for several years. Adatepe's art is the story of everything he has been through in life and how he perceives these experiences as well as events surrounding him.
“Nadi Adatepe's digital works are very well balanced and unique. They reveal a distinctive style and the artist employs a technique he developed over the years using fractal software. Although abstract, the pieces have deep content attached to them which the artist leaves open to each viewer's personal interpretation. Adatepe's goal is to bring to focus the relativity of attaching meaning and carry through a message of free, subversive thinking. His digital abstract realms function as a recommendation on the equal importance of a multiplicity of interpretations. The complex and often labyrinthic compositions have an intense rhythm that captures our gaze.When confronted with one of Adatepe's work it becomes quickly evident that the piece is loaded with content and it may require long hours of looking to take in the full spectrum of each conception.”
- Circle Foundation of the Arts, Director

Member of Mondial Art Academia
Member of Global Art Project
CFA Affiliate Artist


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