Katya Dudnik

Katya Dudnik

Location: Ukraine

Katya Dudnik is the prominent Ukranian artist
She is like the Creator calls into existence her own world, which consists of fairytale dreams and faith for the good.
She makes us recall the children's games and dreams, see our environment in a different way — through the prism of the childish simplicity and naivete — and thus become better and more humane!

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Contact me
phone. viber +3 8 (066) 3603405
e-mail: kate_dudnik@ukr.net


Fairy Tale Realism

"There are no „absolutely grown ups” and no “absolutely childish” people. We all come from the world of the fairy tale, where we see the brightest dreams and the air is soaked with them. The most important thing is not to lose this childishness, when you grow up and get wiser, have a free spirit, be loving and always ready to meet fairy tale."

Tell Me About This Forest “Tell Me About This Forest”

40x40 cm
canvas, oil
Sometimes we are afraid of the dark, but in the dark there is nothing terrible.
There is only what you believe

Admiral Nelson “Admiral Nelson”

35x50 cm
canvas, oil
Admiral Nelson is commanding "To Battle!"

My Dragon “My Dragon”

35x50 cm
canvas, oil
The new version of "Game of Thrones",
Aria and her dragon

Buddha the Mouse “Buddha the Mouse”

35x50 cm
canvas, oil
Buddha lives in each of us