Tanja Milbourne

Tanja Milbourne

Location: Australia

Tanja Milbourne is a Melbourne (AUS) based artist.
Her work revolves around photography and perception, ranging from the printed image, through installation with video projections, to spatial interventions.
Tanja is a member of the artists’ collective Tape-Projects.


Time Will Not Tell

At certain moments in our lives, it is like time stands still. We know for a fact that nothing will ever be the same again. It can be a scary, daunting and very emotional time.

I believe that everyone actually constantly exists in an equilibrium of uncertainty, and there is great power in acknowledging that, and also realising that we have a choice of how to deal with that.

The body is central to our emotions and sometimes words are not enough. I find that dance and photography can be suggestive in how they communicate, leaving room for the viewer to explore their own emotions and interpret whatever it means to them.

I choose to photograph exact moments in time where the dancer appears in a state of equilibrium, where it is uncertain wether they are falling or wether their movement is part of the choreography - are they in control or not? It is deliberately an open question. I believe this wondering is part of the human condition.