Ashok Jadav

Ashok Jadav

Location: India

Ashok (my shelf) is a versatile and gifted artist. The process of art creation helps my inner perception grow. The unquenchable desire to express through painting is the inception of every great work. I start my painting by absorbing the feelings, expressions that radiates energy and all that falls through my brushes as colors. I believe dream and reality coexist in this beautiful world of colors. I enjoy expressing my interpretations, my tears and laughter's with others through my art, which is my passion. My works are mostly on medium like oil painting,acrylic,charcoal,Mix media materials etc.

Ashok is passionate and enjoys to create masterpieces by experimenting and utilizing variety of things such as nail art, threat art in combination with different stone particles, mix-multi-media materials etc. He has expertise in modern art , portraits painting, contemporary art, mix media art, spontaneous art, dry brushing, abstract art, and pencil art.

Ashok is based in Dubai/India. He was born in India and brought up in Dubai. He started his art journey as a child at an early age and continued learnings till he was a teenager. Then he was away from it for few years while he was focusing on learning family business. His wife encouraged him to pursue his passion and once again he started his art works. Ashok has Completed some art under the name ASHMIT Art , “ASHMIT” is derived from Ashok And Mital Name.

Ashok gets inspiration from the beauty of nature and things around him. Art is a form of his self-discovery. Ashok Believe in doing something different on his every art ,When you’re willing to do something different, you are telling yourself, your subconscious mind, and the entire Universe, “I’m asking for a change and I’m willing to DO something about it now.” The Universe responds to DOING since it actually means you’re starting to also BE something different. You don’t even have to know what to do, at least not at the start. Doing ANYTHING different, that seems like it MIGHT head in the direction of what you are looking for, is a step in the right direction. You can make adjustments as you go. You can fine-tune the changes you are asking for later, once you get the hang of doing something different. The point is this: DO SOMETHING — ANYTHING — DIFFERENT.

Ashok Jadav


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