Paulina Wong

Paulina Wong

Location: Hong Kong

An artist based in Hong Kong and California.


Bondage series

Have you ever felt being ‘bonded’ in a relationship? My new series on ‘Bondage’ thematically touches upon the intriguing complexity of human relationships. The interplay of colors and forms create suggestive imageries that capture the tension between intimacy and distance, joy and pain, growth and struggle, suspense and relief, fantasy and disillusionment, in many of a relationship. Every piece tells a visual dialogue between two characters in their symbolic namesakes, taking viewers to explore the vast ocean of emotional experience loaded with the very essential sense of ‘bondage’, which is prettily disguised, and therefore more substantially manifested, in different forms.

Peter & Mary “Peter & Mary”

You have always tugged my heartstring.

Gold & Silver “Gold & Silver”

We survive in broken spectacles and walking sticks.

Chee & Ming “Chee & Ming”

Is that you who called me that night ?

Don & Jessica “Don & Jessica”

You can find a boy and a girl in everyone.

Henry & Jennifer “Henry & Jennifer”

Let me grow...let me out.

David & Mimi “David & Mimi”

The furthest distance in the world.

Roger & Rose “Roger & Rose”

We are rolling on the edge.

Trio & Duo “Trio & Duo”

You can't get away.


In the rhetoric of sculpture, “Assemblage” is about joining material to explore spaces or movement in space. My collection, as suggested by its name, explores the spatial arrangement of shapes and forms, but distinguish itself from previous collections, with more emphasis on colors and line constructions.