Kuzmin Aleksandr

Kuzmin Aleksandr

Location: Ukraine

Alexander Kuzmin was born in 1979 in Kharkov. Lives and works in Kiev.


1994 — 1996 — Kharkov Art Lyceum, at the Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute.
1996 — 1998 — Kharkov Art and Industry Institute, Faculty of Sculpture.
1998 — 2003 — National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Sculpture.
Since 2000 — Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Since 1998 participated in numerous Ukrainian and foreign exhibitions, sculpture triennials, including solo exhibitions in various galleries — «L-Art», «Tadzio», a joint exhibition in the gallery «N2N», Abu-Dhabi, and others; solo exhibition at Hungarian Embassy, Kiev; solo exhibition «European Diary», the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, and others. Member of the international plein air, workshops, auctions and international competitions, among them a medal competition, dedicated to the famous violinist I. Stern, Israel and others.

Since 2009 — one of the artists and an author of the design of commemorative coins of the National Bank of Ukraine.

He works with a variety of materials, in the genre of easel and monumental sculpture. His works are in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, France, Russia, USA, Italy, UK, India and others.