Javier T


Javier Tomas Dones is a visual artist born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico in 1967.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990 from the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. In 1992, he relocated to Saint Petersburg, Florida.
In this vibrant city, Javier works from his Studio 209 at the ArtLofts@Florida CraftsArt since 2007. He has since being a very active member of our art community.
Javier’s current work springs from a lifelong passion and fascination for the elements of Nature, her power, arrangements and structures.
The medium is metals and chemistry. Copper is the main working material. The coloration on the copper is the actual patina elicited by unique chemical processes. Other metals, natural pigments and enamels are often incorporated.
For the most part, Javier’s pieces are wall art and commonly presents three dimensional elements and textures.
The pieces you enjoy were created using one or more of three studio techniques: fumed copper, powdered metals and enamels or mixed media.
Javier utilizes chemistry processes and techniques as developed by the Master of the Arts, Jack Lebowitz with whom he actively collaborated until his passing in 2009.
Javier’s view and mission involve collaborating with nature in the production of fine craft art in order to elicit a sense of reconnection, appreciation and belonging to those elements of nature while beautifying and enhancing our space.


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