Natalia Tsvetkova

Textile Artist, PhD in Fine Art.
Lecturer in Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art & Design.
Member of European Textile Network (ETN).
Member of Union of Russian Artists.

Significant award received.

2006. Prize of competition «Japan Textile Contest 2006» (Japan).
2005. Prize of competition «Japan Textile Contest 2005» (Japan).
2004. Honorable mention of competition «Japan Textile Contest 2004» (Japan).
2004. First Prize of «Openfolio Design Awards 2004» (United Kingdom).
2003. Prize of the «Industrial Forum Design 2003» (Germany).
2003. First prize of international competition «FIDEXPO 2003» (Russia).
2002. Honorable mention of competition «Nagoya Design Do! 2002» (Japan).


1. 2012 - Personal exhibition of fiber art, Finland.
2. 2011 – International Textile Biennale «Air», Mexico city.
3. 2011 - I Russian Triennal of tapestry «A Square Meter, a Space of One’s Own», Moscow, Russia.
4. 2010 - International competition & exhibition of contemporary fiber art «Premio Valcellina Award», Italy.
5. 2010 - International exhibition of contemporary design «IIDA 2010», Incheon, Metropolitan City, Korea.
6. 2009 - International Triennal of visual arts «Otpechatki», Karelia.
7. 2009 - Exhibition «Carrousel Du Louvre», Paris, France.
8. 2008. - Exhibition «Point of Light». St. Petersburg, Russia.
9. 2007 - Personal exhibition «Sigh». Finland.
10. 2006 - IV International Biennale «MAN+WOMAN=CREATION 2006», Costa Rica.
11. 2005 - Personal exhibition «Fiber Fascination», United Kingdom.
12. 2005 - Exhibition «Première Vision» (EXPOFIL), Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, Paris, France.
13. 2004 - III International Biennale, Valencia, Venezuela.
14. 2003 - Exhibition of Russian Artists, Switzerland.
15. 2003 - Personal tapestry exhibition, Finland.


Installations, art objects, soft sculptures

My works are installations & art objects. Most of them made from different types of fibers so they can be called as a soft sculptures. I try to embodies in the art my own impressions & tries to show fragility and transitory of life. Works there are in galleries, public interiors & private collections of Russia, Japan, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, England, America, Canada.

Installation "Leaf" “Installation "Leaf"”

Installation «Leaf» is made of fragments of the plastic packages usually used for dust and polyethilen film for packing products. Now people use and throws out so many a similar waste that the Earth chokes with them.
Leaves of trees absorb carbonic gas and allocate oxygen. It is possible to tell that the leaf is a source of AIR on the Earth. My work is a symbol of ecological accident - the leaves should give AIR to the Earth, but the plastic leaf, on the contrary, will not allow Earth to breathe.

Installation "Winter Forest" “Installation "Winter Forest"”

Today there are a lot of ecological problems in our Earth. The nature created by God, that called «first nature» often in conflict with the «second nature», created by people. People try to change «first nature» but as a result can kill it. So there are the big Border Line between «first nature» & «second nature» today. The work «Winter Forest» was presented in the real winter forest. So I made my work as a part of nature & show the unite of «first nature», created by God & «second nature», created by person. By this installation I want to put off the Border Line between «first nature» & «second nature».
Textile installation «Winter Forest» made from cotton, metal, viscose & nylon. It is a hand weaving. I used two structures of weaving: two warp weaving & plain weaving. Some parts of installation are trees. They were weaved as tubes (two warps weaving). Other parts symbolized different kinds of snow: fluffy snow, frost, rime With using cotton, viscose & nylon threads can reflect light variously & show how beautiful can be the real snow. I live in Russia – country with a lot of snow. But if people will do Border Line between «first nature» & «second nature» the climate will be hotter & there will be no snow & beautiful winters anymore.

Art object "Birth of the Star" “Art object "Birth of the Star"”

Stars are very far from us, we see them every nights, but the light of them goes to us during millions years and can be that we are seeing star on the sky but it is just light and the really star is already not exist. In my work I wanted to do the birth of star, first fantastic moment of its light that intend for the future people who will see it after very long time and very big space.
Work made from metal sticks, glass processed by sand and hand woven textile from polyester and metallic threads.
When lamp in swishing on, metallic threads are reflected as small pieces of space dust.
Glass construction fixed with using metal sticks. As a decoration used hand woven textile from polyester and metallic threads. When lamp in swishing on, metallic threads are reflected as small pieces of space dust.

Installation "DNA" “Installation "DNA"”

Installation «DNA» is an attempt to present to feature of human memory. There is a genetic memory of the separate person and all mankind.
Work consists of the black and white strips intertwining with each other. And vital events alternate, intertwine, settle in memory. What seemed good, is represented bad and on the contrary…
Besides, in the «DNA» there are visual number consisting of old photos of members of my family is presented. All people and the events embodied in photos, - a part me, my genetic memory. Even those from them whom I never saw, live in me.

Art object "Fire" “Art object "Fire"”

The conception of lighting appliance «Fire» comes from prehistoric time when the fire was the center of family life. All family was together around fire, they communicated. So the home fire was the «object» that helped to peoples with their communication. Also in other times each evening people seated around lamps, lighting appliances for working, talking, reading. In XIX-XX centuries in houses used lamps with textile «lamp shade» or put some textile on lamp to make light softer. This tradition also gives me impression for my work. I decide that fire & lamp with textiles is something that can unite people & help them to communicate. It is very important today. That is why I unite in work the lamp & textile for expression the idea of fire.

Tapestry "The Martian Butterfly. The landscape." “Tapestry "The Martian Butterfly. The landscape."”

In my work I tried to imagine the soul of Mars planet. I think it is a space butterfly. This butterfly made Mars people and Mars landscape – land, road, sky. And in opposite – people and landscape made the soul of Red planet. It is possible to see the soul only as a part of landscape and people. They all shouldn’t be separated. Everything is very fragile in the world. Destruction of one detail can break the whole.