Christian Gastaldi

Christian Gastaldi

Location: France

I am a painter who takes colors from used paper material, for whom brushes strokes are pieces of torn posters or magazines. Art is for me a process of sublimation. It is most challengingly achieved using plain, everyday life material. Lately my work has been dominated by the usage of Paris streets posters. I am attracted by the dimension of ‘humanity’ I perceive in this material. It was once on a wall to express something. It was destroyed by life. I offer them an artistic redemption!
Graphically my work aims at developing fragile harmonies, the equivalent of a writing style for a novelist.

Tel: 33 6 09 27 14 27

Commission Work:
2012: 2.4 x 7.5 m collage on the wall of a new hotel (Vincci Bit) in Barcelona 22@ rehabilitated area.

Solo Exhibitions:
2012: Redemption - Center of Contemporary Art - Baku - Azerbaijan
2012: Artista invitado - Beriestain Interiores - Barcelona - Spain

Solo Publication:
2013: Cover of RiverLit magazine n°10
(US Art and Litterature)
2011: Poems from inaudible voices, RedFox press - Collection ‘C’est mon Dada’ n°62

2014: Can Serrat - El Bruc-Barcelona - Spain
2013: Les Vendémaires - St Mathieu de Tréviers - France

Collective Exhibitions
2013: Reflection - French Embassy - Baku - Azerbaijan
2013: un R de Rue - Galerie Plurielle - Sète - France
2013: Story of the creative - Angel Orelsans foundation - NY -USA
2013: La liberté est un collage - Czech Cultural Center - Paris - France
2012: Collage Centennial – Ontological museum – Saragosa Springs (Colorado)
2012: Festival du Touquet - FRance
2012: The Brick Lane Gallery - Art in Mind – London - UK
2010: L’Art du collage dans tous ses états - Galerie Loft - Paris (France)
2010: Arteum - L’Art au jardin & Abstractions– Sénart & Paris La Défense (France)
2009: Levall’art - Galerie l’Escale – Levallois (France)
2005-08: Salon du collage contemporain, Paris Belleville (France)

Collective Publication:
2014-13: RiverLit n°13, n°122
2012: Hommage à Jiri Kolar - Pj Varet Editions
2009: Nature Art Today - Editions Patou
2009-10: Collagista issues N°8, N°2
2007-09: L’art du collage à l’aube du XXI siècle - PJ Varet - Volumes I, II et III - Editions Artcolle



Series from papers ads recoevred from Baku walls


Series from distressed posters collected in Montpellier