Nina Gabriel

Nina Gabriel’s BIO
“Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

Nina Gabriel is an artist, poet, writer working from her home-based studio in Los Angeles, California, USA.
For many years she worked at several major corporations here in California and in Canada.
In the year 2001 she established her company Nina Gabriel Refinement & Style.
Along with her working career, she always kept studying, majoring in Psychology and Naturopathy, currently doing Masters Degree in Natural Healing/Naturopathy.
Her interests include Music, Art, Poetry, Design, Philosophy, Numerology, Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, Mythology, Metaphysics, Kabbalah, Chinese Calligraphy, Feng Shui and many natural therapies such as Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi and many more.
Her art represents many philosophies, combining her deep interest in different cultures, beliefs and many forms of expression.
Nina Gabriel’s art has contributed enormously to her own spiritual growth, at the same time testing her patience, persistence and will.
It is her sincere wish that her art brings peace, happiness and joy to anyone that appreciates it, bringing forth many positive feelings such as love, faith, confidence and truly all the good that art has to offer.
Participated in the Fifth Annual International Biennale of Contemporary Art Exhibit, which took place in Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy in December/2005- http://www.florencebiennale.orgCollage/Assemblage “Music of my Soul” along with short Bio is printed in International Biennale of Contemporary Art 2005 catalog. She received a diploma from the City of Florence for participation in Biennale exhibit.
In November 2005 two collages” Destiny” and “Beauty” were exhibited at 2nd International Collage Exhibition in Vilnius, Lithuania
In August 2006 became a member of World Poets Society – A Literary Organization for Contemporary Poets from all around the World. (W.P.S.)
In 2006 was nominated and became a member of “Who’s Who Art Club International” she was granted two pages with Bio and two artwork illustrations and review with appraisals of three of her artworks: “Treasures of the Sea“, “Music of My Soul” and Metamorphosis # 2. The Catalog was issued in November 2006. Nina Gabriel’s signature as an accredited artist is deposited in International Signatures Bank in Switzerland.
In 2006 a selection of Nina Gabriel’s artworks were exhibited at the following Exhibitions and Galleries:
Art Fair, Florence, Italy – March 2006
Regi Emilia, Italy by Svenska Konstagalleriet, Malmo – 2006
EuropArt – Geneva, Switzerland – by Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmo -April 2006
Cannes, France – by Svenska Konstagalleriet, Malmo -May 2006
Montserrat Gallery, New York Chelsea Art Market – May 2006-08
Mozart Festival, Salzburg, Austria – by Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmo- August 2006
Art Marabella, Spain – by Svenska Konstagalleriet, Malmo – September 2006
4th International Art Festival “Chania 2006” – Chania, Crete, Greece –
November 2006
Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmo, – several exhibitions in 2006
3rd International Collage Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania– November 2006 “Mystery” Collage
In November 2006 was Included to the 2006-2007 Metropolitan Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals “Honors Edition” of the Registry- USA
In November 2006 became a member of The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction – donating “The center of Baqua” collage to the museum.
Included to: The Source of Architectural & Interior Art – The Artful Home – The Guild – Nina Gabriel Refinement & Style with two artworks Metamorphosis #2 & The Path of the Soul is featured in 22nd Edition in September 2007 –
Art-Edition of “International Artists 2007/Masters” – Omma Center of Contemporary Art- Included: “The Path of the Soul” The catalog is distributed to selected book stores and also sold through
In January 2007 received invitation to participate in Sixths International Biennale of Contemporary Art Exhibit, which took take place in Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy in December 2007-
In March 2007 participated in Primo Piano Livin Gallery “The Secret Garden Art Woman Exhibition “held in Lecce, Italy. Exhibiting two collages “The Key to our Higher Self” and “Reflections of the Rainbow on the Flower.”
Exhibited “The Path of the Soul” & “Phoenix rising from the ashes” Collages/assemblages at Primo Piano Gallery in Lecce, Italy “THE DREAM “ Exhibition- June 2007
5th International Art Festival “Chania 2007” Crete, Greece – July 2007
Exhibited two paintings: “Birds of Paradise” and “Passions of Aquarius”
Exhibited two “Healing Mika” collages and “Wisdom of Sophia” collage/assemblage at Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy- November 2007 – “The Eagle and the Swan” Exhibition-
In December 2007 received a diploma of excellence honorable award from Art Now Artoteque/London Global art annual for “The Path of the Soul” collage/assemblage
In December 2007 received invitation from Gallery Gora – Montreal, Canada for solo exhibition in 2008/09
In December 2007 joined Save the Children – Charitable organization.
In 2007 became a member and a participating artist of Art Word Project in favor of children in need showcasing “The Path of the Soul” collage –
In 2008:
Received invitation from Erenus Art Gallery to participate in exhibition “Instances” which was held in Istanbul – March 2008
Received an invitation from Immagini Spazio Arte Art Gallery in Cremona, Italy for Solo and permanent space exhibitions for 2008 art season
Received an invitation to participate at First International Biennale of Contemporary Art which will be held in Chapingo, Mexico in November 2008
Became a participating member/artist at
Please refer to to find out more information.
These ideas are to enhance love, help the less fortunate around the globe , help protect the environment, enhance world peace, tolerance, co-operation, understanding, acceptance, confidence, recognition, human rights, cultural enrichment, global coherence.
Currently exhibiting three of her artworks at Lark Gallery online: “Music of my Soul” collage/assemblage, “The Path of my Soul” collage/assemblage with recorded poem “Flight to the Moon” and “Birds of Paradise” abstract painting Received Honorary mention with certificate for her works “Synthesis” e-Exhibition– reception on November 15/2013 till end of 2013 year exhibition at Mkrtchyan Art Gallery – Glendale, California
In September 2013 Participated at “Bridge to the Soul” Artforallpeople art exhibition, donated/sold “Passions of Aquarius” painting for USC Institute of Generic Medicine
Please visit Nina Gabriel’s websites: or
to see the variety of her works/poetry/art critic’s reviews, press releases and publication.
Nina currently finished writing her three books “My Life’s Journey”, “Spiritually inspired artworks with signs and symbols explained” and “Poetry with artworks” with her poetry and artworks. Currently writing her 4th book “Aromatherapy and Herbology” with her own formulas included.



Mixed Media – Home Décor February 2003

18” x 22 ½” 46cm x 57cm Framed 25” x 29” 63 ½ cm x 74cm

Collage/Assemblage/Decoupage/Clay/Found objects/Embroidery/Acrylics/Decorative Papers/Papier – mache

Exhibited at Biennale of Contemporary Arts exhibition in December 2005/ Printed in pertaining Catalog

Exhibiting at Mozart Festival in Austria – August 2006/ Exhibited at Mkrtchyan Art Gallery Los Angeles, CA 2013

Music Of My Soul

Sometimes I do not know for sure which I love the most – music or nature. It is possible that I love both equally. This collage represents my love for music. The music that truly touches our hearts and souls and speaks to us in the language of Angeles.
There is a little quote on this collage that I have taken and written both in English and French from one of the Buddha Bar Music Mixes:

“Because music reaches into the soul it reaches out to the sublime”

I hope this collage reaches into your sublime and brings out the special music of your own soul.

“There is no string in any galaxy capable of producing a better sound than the sound of the song of human soul.”



Mixed Media – Home Décor
16” x 20” 40.5 cm x 51 cm Framed 19 ½” x 23 ½” 49.5 cm x 59.5 cm
August 2004
Exhibited at Biennale of Contemporary Arts- Florence, Italy – December 2005
Art Fest Florence, Italy – April 2006/ Catalog/ Exhibited at Mkrtchyan Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2013

Collage/Assemblage/Handmade Papers/Victorian Silk flowers/Metal/Wood sticks/Lace/Mesh fabric/Crystals Swarovski and Emerald/Clay/Music Scores on Fabric/Found objects/Decorative threads/Acrylics/Pearl Ex pigments/Glitter

The Path of the Soul

This collage represents The Lunar Month of August 16, 2004 – September 14, 2004.
Prior to reading and studying this material; The Lunar theme for August 16, 2004 New Moon. I had I dream, where I was playing the piano (which I used to play, when I was younger), but this time I was also printing the music scores of my own symphony that I was creating. Additionally, I had a vision of my face on the Golden Spiral –Spiral of Life, which I incorporated in this collage as well.
As Nick Anthony Fiorenza writes: “Astronomical Myth is a picture language” imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but we are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony.”
Planets and constellations from top to bottom are: New Moon, Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Aquarius.
Integrating the signs and symbols in this collage represent connection to the greater cosmic energies infusing into the Earth and ourselves; integration of the Intelligence that is responsible for our spiritual awakening, supporting the manifestations of our Devine Destiny. Like a musical score, this celestial enfoldment provides the currents that underlie and guide our participation in life’s greater evolutionary symphony.
“The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness.”
Nick Anthony Fiorenza – Lunar Planner
The incorporation of a ladder representing the bridge between Heaven and Earth, our own soul’s journey through love and awakening working and healing with seven chakras and seven colors of the Rainbow creating our own infinity.
“As the atomic mode of hydrogen is re-tuned, the DNA molecule begins to super-conduct consciousness. When this fully occurs, the DNA illuminates into radiant spiral of light, which is the DNA’s intended functional mode. We no longer experience a world of shadow and reflection but one radiant light.”

Yin Yang – Feminine Masculine – Earth Water- Integration of two energies in the cycle of life, creating balance.

Lady Bug stands for Good Luck.

Leopard – associated with lunar energies, Leopard the power of silence and speaking with power. Leopard observes the situation with clear perceptiveness, Leopard represents keen intuitive abilities, they are masters at navigating any environment gracefully and efficiently leaping over obstacles; this aspect also assists one in grace and dance…
The lesson of Leopard spirit is Self Reliance. Keywords are: Perceptive, balance, Power of silence, mystery and psychic.

Esoteric Astrology: The Sun is the source of physical consciousness – the self – I – and serves to sensitize and activate the self in relation to its environment. The Heart of the Sun stimulates and enlivens Soul awareness.
Within the brilliant clear light of the Sun. The silver light of the Moon reflects the ground of lunar energy – the undifferentiated feminine prior to manifestation with her powers of fertilization and transformation.

Arising from the center is Venus Aphrodite, core essence of the feminine nature in her manifest form. Through her powers of divine beauty and magnetic desirability as love, she awakens the impulse to life. Venus functions to turn knowledge into Wisdom. On the Soul level, Venus is the vehicle for the emergence of this Love Principle of Life, through the focused will of the Mind of god.
Mars – ruler of the desire nature. Mars stimulates physical vitality through its association with the bloodstream. Mars is associated with the solar plexus center, the source of astral – desire body of the personality, and is thus thoroughly linked with passions of five senses.
Jupiter’s primary purpose is one of fusion. It is instrumental in blending the lesser dualities of head and heart, mind and love, in order to produce Wisdom. It is the primary focus for the energies of Love/Wisdom, and acts as a vehicle through which the Ray of consciousness may externalize the Devine Plan in our solar system. It therefore works to create the ultimate synthesis in order to exteriorize universal harmony and abundance.
Mercury occupies a most important position in our lives and in esoteric astrology. It is Mercury, representing the Mind, which acts as the – illuminating principle – of human life. It is ultimately connected with that function of human intelligence, which separates mankind from animal kingdom. It is Mind, which allows humanity to be a conscious conduit for the down pouring of energies from higher realms (notably from the source of intuition). In this sense, Mercury is truly the – Messenger of the Gods.
Pluto is extremely important in the lives of those of us who are undergoing the process of fusion of the Soul and personality. It represents that process which breaks down the sense of selfishness and separates of the lesser ego/personality, so that our little, personal will becomes the Will –to-Good of the realized Soul self. It is a purifying energy, which, in its external mode of expression leads to the disintegration of form so that the Spirit of man may triumph. Pluto is instrument for the development of the Spiritual Will. This comes about through the trials and tests on the Path of Discipleship.
In order for the energies of Uranus to express themselves in a conscious way in a person’s life, he must pass through Saturn’s Door. This means that he has created an integrated personality, linked with the soul force, and is thus a spiritually responsible individual. Once the crossover has been made, the energy of Uranus begins to flood the consciousness and affect the conditions of one’s outer life. Some of the effects of this Uranian transmutation may be outlined as follows: * Heightens the Intuition. Quickens the urge to change the established order. *Stimulates the aspiration to better the human condition. *Fosters the individual activity within the group context.
Neptune is a most mystical and, from the level of the soul, a most beneficial influence in one’s life. Neptune is the expression in the solar system of the –Heart of the spiritual Sun-. It is the planet most closely linked with the work of the Soul. Through Cancer, Neptune may be thought of as the higher octave of the Moon. The latter is the Mother of All Forms, but form is always used in our solar system to express Love/Wisdom, the Soul aspect of the Spirit.
The goal of life on Earth is to become an Initiate, and unfold that aspect of the Christ Consciousness, which dwells within each of us. The form of that expression differs from person to person, relative to the nature of individual dharma and karma, but the –essential – Love/Wisdom of that unfolding consciousness is the same for us all. This is our unifying link. Sagittarius and Capricorn, sign of the initiate, are linked through association of the Earth and Saturn, and provide us with yet another insight into the importance of the experience gained through life on this planet.

Chakras – The Crown chakra is the most important from the perspective of the soul, as it is in its point of –entry and exist-. When the Crown chakra is fully open and operative an individual is said to be awakened to the Soul’s reality, and processes resulting in a Soul-infused personality have been accomplished. Thus the –thread of consciousness- the pathway of the Soul into the personality – is focused in the region of the pineal gland. It is through the line of Will/Power that the Soul is able to regulate physical plane activities through the nervous system and the brain. The thread of life is anchored in the heart, as it is there that the Sun rules in terms of Life of Divinity of our solar system. The life force in the individual is distributed in the physical organism through the circulation of the blood. As the expansion and development of consciousness takes place and the link between the Higher and lower selves occurs, the unfolding of one’s personal evolutionary direction manifests. An individual then finds that there is a definite re-orientation to his or her life direction. This occurs simultaneously with the increased activation of the various chakric centers.
1. Survival in the material world – root chakra (instinctive intelligence)
2. Survival of the species through the expression of personal desire –sacral chakra (instinctive sexuality)
3. Survival through the power of expression of personal emotions – solar plexus chakra (instinctive territorial dominance)
The individual who is soul centering would find the following changes taking place in his/her life:
The values, needs and desires of this lower self would begin to give way to sensing of higher, more inclusive, and less personality focused values, needs and desires.
The center of the personal will, located in the root chakra, becomes magnetized and is –drawn under- the influence of the center of the spiritual will located in the crown chakra. * The energies of the sacral center likewise come under the control of the throat center. The Third Eye (brow center) begins to open and the combination of the energies of the throat and the brow gives rise to a tremendous creative potential. * As the heart center awakens, it draws the energy of the solar plexus to it. This eliminates the tremendous confusion that many have about their ways of living. If the solar plexus is functioning and the heart is closed, one is likely to interpret personal and emotional needs and lust as love. When the heart center has opened and the energies of the solar plexus have become integrated within it, then one becomes the vehicle for the cohesive, healing and uplifting joy which is at Loves core. This Love may also be expressed while making love. When the four centers are opened and one has become soul-centered, the focus of existence moves from survival to life:
• Life as expressed through Love – heart chakra ( true Consciousness)
• Life as expressed through creative Activity – throat chakra (true Intelligence)
• Life as expressed through Perception of Reality – brow chakra (true Spiritual Awakening)
• Life as expressed through Identification – crown chakra (true Spiritual Will).

Those who quest for truth through the Alchemy of Time and consciousness – are modern – day Alchemists. They seek truth and ancient wisdom brought forth in today’s reality through the language of symbols to come manifest into conscious thought.
We are going through the alchemy of time and consciousness – as we return to our natural state of light.
We are currently going through a merge on many levels of body, mind and soul. This linked to the ancient teachings of alchemy as a transformation from one reality to another where one find
s ‘eternal life’. The Alchemist is the Wizard – He who helps us transform. Part of this alchemical experience links with seeing double digits such as 11:11, which trigger this change in our DNA cellular coding. 11 is the double helix – activation of DNA- evolution of consciousness. Ancient alchemists searched for Philosophers Stone and the Water of Life.
Gold is a metaphor for alchemy of consciousness through time. Gold is linked with blood – creation – the flow of the continuum.
Eventually the Philosopher’s Stone was thought to signify the force behind the evolution of life and the universal binding power, which unites minds and souls in a human Oneness. Finally, it represented the purity and sanctity of the highest realm of pure thought and altruistic existence. The Philosopher’s Stone, Gold – are all the same – that which contain the knowledge of creation – a symbol that represents the final outcome of man’s inner transformation, of the conversion of the base metal of his outer character to the golden properties of his higher self through the Alchemy of Time and Consciousness.


“The ones that have understood their calling and the meaning of infinity shall live a life of happiness going through continuous transformation through their thoughts and creating their own infinity.”



Mixed Media – Home Décor February 2005
24” x 29” 61cm x 73cm Framed 29” x 35” 73cm x 89cm

Collage/Assemblage/Embroidery/Silk ribbon embroidery/Beaded embroidery/Cross stitch/Crystals/Gem stones/Handmade and special papers/Rare Victorian silk flowers/Peacock feathers/Ivory Elephant/Photography/Decoupage/Acrylics/Pearl Ex pigments/Found objects/ Papier-mâché.

Wisdom of Sophia

This collage represents the challenges and experiences living through the pentagram The Grand Quintile - # 5 and also #7 The Sacred Hectogram.

The main challenge, I believed and took, is to acknowledge one’s own gifts and abilities, and following the dream, getting out of the comfort of the box (4) and stepping out into the unknown, but with faith in divine guidance into the triangle (3), thus integrating body, mind and spirit, to become free and complete person. Always listening to intuition, this is always guided by one’s higher self. It is not easy, to step into unknown, from the comfort of the cube, but the challenge is to try, to dare. When one takes these risks, there will always be people around, who might laugh, ridicule and judge, because what they see is not of this world, or familiar to them. We need not listen or pay attention to people that try to pull us back to the tribal thinking of ways of life, because we would never be free that way. We need to know our path and walk that path with love and forgiveness in our hearts and souls. Because everybody’s path is different, and one should only follow
one’s own dream and life’s journey.

“When tribal justice obstructs our spiritual advancement, we need to free ourselves from its authority over our individual power of choice. This challenge is one of the most difficult with first chakra because it often requires a physical separation from our family or from a group of people to which we have become bonded.” Caroline Myss – Anatomy of the Spirit.

“We heal our hearts with rays of love and forgiveness, appreciating beauty within all things and most of all within ourselves, celebrating our existence by creating our own forms of beauty and illuminated by our soul’s light we become beautiful beings with great love in our hearts.”

Nina Gabriel

With this work I will try to explain all this with teachings of many mystics, alchemists,
healers, teachers and more, as well as my own insights, poetry and meditations.

“Rainbows are the same every time we looks at them. Our perception of them is, however different every time we see them and it is ever- changing, according to our mood, feelings and state of mind.”

Nina Gabriel

It represents the journey of a soul through life experiences and challenges. Recognizing one’s own path and challenges it took me through these amazingly colorful roads of seven colors – the colors of the rainbow. This has become the theme of my life as well as for my art, poetry and healing.
In the final analysis it is about human alchemy, going through many transformations, trying to find the key, to our souls. At the same time learning many life lessons that were presented along very arduous path, but still very challenging and interesting one.
It is about making the decision and taking the challenge to look beyond the rainbow, and then crossing the bridge, with total faith in divine, believing in what lies beyond is the “promised land” or an island where all the dreams are possible to manifest and live.
Once awakened and stepped to cross the rainbow bridge there is no turning back, because what’s left behind is no more. Hence the path taken is the most magical one.

“Somewhere ages and ages hence;
Two roads diverges in the wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

Aquamarine Butterfly

By Aquamarine waters of my Kingdom,
Surrounded with splendor of treasures of my creations,
In a hard shell of a Crab, I was sitting and contemplating on my Life’s Journey,
One day, as the Golden rays of Sun touched the Earth,
The silky threads of my cocoon passed through my heart,
Thus illuminating my spirit, warming my body and soul.
And as the night sky touched the Earth, by the Silver rays of the Moon I was transformed into a Butterfly,
Keeping the color of my Kingdom of Aquamarine colors,
I spread my wings as far as I could; two Golden threads connected me to Heaven from Earth leading my path.
And as I was transformed into a butterfly and given the wings to fly, and fly I did, as far as I could see.
On my paths I discovered many places and many souls,
Some went along with me, some stayed behind to discover their own paths.
My journey is not over yet, it seems that it has just began, once more,
And this time around I plan to fly even further, spreading my wings far and wide, travel to different lands sharing the splendor of my creations and gifts with the whole world,
Meeting the Souls that are transformed into butterflies as well,
This way we may all spread our Sparkles of Love and Light,
Illuminating the paths for the rest that plan to follow us,
On our Soul’s path of the Life’s Journeys with Love and Light in our hearts.
So you too, if you been transformed into a butterfly as well,
Come and join us on our Flight to Freedom through Love,
Because this way we can all create beautiful Heaven on Earth
And in our hearts were it all began.

Nina Gabriel

It is all about 7: 7 stages of alchemy with 7 metals involved and 4 elements + 3 principles in alchemy as well, 7 ages of man, 7 Charkas, 7 Christian Sacraments- gifts of spirit, the 7 of 3+4 theological virtues and cardinal virtues, 7 levels of Kabbalah on The Tree of Life- 7 pillars of wisdom, 7 colors of the Rainbow, 7 circles of Universe, 7 cosmic stages, 7 stars of the Great Bear, 7days of the week, 7 heaves, 7 hells, 7 wonders of the ancient world, 7 rays of the sun, 7 rays in esoteric astrology, 7 music notes- 7 strings on Lyre, 7 steps of Buddha symbolize the ascent of the 7 cosmic stages transcending time and space, Pythagorean 7 is a cosmic number with 3 of heaven and 4 of the earth/world.

Seven sacred truths of the body and spirit:

1. All Is One
2. Honor One Another
3. Honor Oneself
4. Love is Divine Power
5. Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will
6. Seek Only the Truth
7. Live in the Present Moment

The Alchemy of human transformation though spiritual journey.

I have observed that oftentimes the experiences that people go through in their lives, are almost the same or similar situations that they once wrongly judged about others, without understanding the impact or the gravity of the situation; and it seems that there is this little/big wizard inside of us making us go through the exact or similar situations or experiences, that we had passed our judgment on. It seems to be a kind of alchemy that people need to go through, a process of polishing the stone, becomes a diamond or gold that it was meant to be.
Similarly, I have also observed, that at these times of outer and inner alchemy, no matter what we say or do to help the people around us or even ourselves, it looks like the situations that are being presented are there for greater purpose than we realize; and they are there for people to learn from those circumstances, becoming better human beings, this time more universally compassionate and more in tune with one’s own feelings, intuitions along with universal mind and guidance.
But, once we feel that we have learned our lessons, we are suddenly presented with some of the similar lessons, maybe not as harsh as previous ones, but still life lessons to endure, just to test us if we have learned well, and if not, then we are given time to do so through the situations and experiences presented once more while being under watchful eye of our inner wizard and teacher. It depends on if we pass our tests, and if we do; only then the alchemy occurs, transformation happens. We recognize and understand the meaning of it all, or at least we try to do so. Then we are given the magic wand to become the magicians to only do good deeds to people all around the universe and us, recognizing our purpose. At that point the wizard and the magician become one, as they have always been, but hidden from us because of the our own veils of ignorance never recognized that all and everybody is connected to each other, and if one is hurt then we all are and vice versa.
So, now we try our hardest to heal through love and forgiveness towards everybody and most of all ourselves.

Journey of My Soul on The Tree of Life

Last night I prayed to the Moon
I asked The Question - Why?
She took me to the Journey of Ten Roads.
When I walked on the Greatness of my Mother Earth,
To get to my Father’s Kingdom,
My light was the bright Star of Splendor of my brother Grant,
And when I wished upon all of my dreams and his desires,
I met my Three Guides and Teachers from the past,
And far away places, giving me the bouquet of Flowers of Life,
Where I found the Beauty of Wisdom, Power and the Glory and I bowed before them.
Then I met with my five loves where I had to part with for the last time;
Receiving a rose from each of them, they went their own ways until we meet again in
Our next lifetimes, and I knew then that Love is all there is, but not always was,
Then I heard the harmonies of the Seven Spheres playing the music of my soul
When I was reminded of the pain and suffering, joy and happiness, and other
tunes of my life.
Now that my paths were clear, I smiled, but tears came down my cheeks,
When I understood it all, I also felt kisses on my forehead
And I knew that they could only come from Goodness of my God Bearer to whom I owe this all
My DA” AT my Dedo.
This morning I greet the Sun reflecting rays of Wisdom and Knowledge,
Upon my heart and soul with the Vision of Victory on the bright Rainbow of today.

Nina Gabriel

The Grand Quintile - #5 is of transmutation and transformation, allowing freedom from lower three-dimensional form, from being eternally in cyclic square of time. Five twists from horizontal plane of the temporal world to become a spinning dance. Five is life itself, evolving, growing, to become the flower that life is. Five is quintessence – the nucleus from which the spiral of life unfolds. Five and Phi build and permeate the spiral of life. Phi is seed in all that is alive – from sunflower to the human flower to spinning solar system. Five is a symbol of human microcosm. The number of Human form – the pentagon when arms and legs are out stretched. The pentagon is endless – sharing the symbolism of perfection and power of the cycle. Five is circular number as it produces itself in its last digit when raised to its own power. The pentacle, like the circle symbolizes whole, the quincunx being the number of its center and meeting the point of Heaven, Earth and the four cardinal points plus center point. Five is also representative of Godhead – Central Creator of the four fours plus itself equaling five. Five is the marriage of the Hieros Gamos as combination of feminine and the masculine. Feminine being even, as 2 in frequency and masculine being odd as 3 in frequency = 5. The number five symbolizes meditation, religion and versatility. It represents the five senses (taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing) everywhere except in the East. In the East there are six – the extra being Mind. We find meaning of five in the five petaled flowers, five pointed leaves – especially the Rose, lily, vine all of which represent the microcosm.
Five progresses from 4, but from 4’s perspective, 5 lies above. Five creates a quincunx, emblem of applied evolutionary creative force, the phoenix rising from the temporal world, or a 4-sided pyramid, emblem of the sentient individual seeking attainment through the initiatory fire in the tides of incarnate life. Five lifts 2’s relationship from its dance of opposites in 4’s perpetual round in the temporal bounds of the lower quaternary world. Five twists from horizontal plane of the temporal world to become a spinning dance. Five lead to Phi, the golden proportion/ratio/relationship. Five and Phi build and permeate, the spiral of life. Phi molds the temporal forces of life into their majestic beauty. Through the Eye of Phi is how we find the way between the spaces, through the forces of polarity in dualistic world of space and time. Phi is unconditional acceptance of all experience, holding no resistance, and passing no judgment, seeing only beauty to become equality but of perfection – the harmonious path (proportion) of love and compassion. Phi is 5 plus Love (1) divided by the relationship of 2; thus Phi is the way, the answer for two – a twin –flamed soul from its cycle of growth in space and time to its destined evolutionary freedom in the Divine Union of 2 spiraled into radiant light.
Five is the middle number, the creative of 1 transforming itself to become 10 – the means to become whole once again. Begetting 10 from 2, 5 makes ascension possible for durative soul from the bounds of temporal 4, from the rounds in the cycle of the incarnate world. Five is the number of incarnate world. Five is the number of incarnate human – the “number of man” – and Phi holds the transcendent secret hidden in human’s heart: the path of compassion, the only way to true freedom. Five embodies 2 and 3. The ratio 3:2 is musical Fifth – revealing that 2, holding sight in perfection of trinity, beyond judgment of 2’s duality; can transcend the tempest of temporal 4. Tree’s assertion “let thine eye be single” is statement to release all judgment of 2’s duality; to see the unity beyond duality. Until this is done, one is trapped 4-ever in reincarnational time. One can do this only as 5, while temporally alive as incarnate wo/man. Five is also the hypotenuse to the 3-4-5 right –angled triangle, and so 5 is solution to what has been before, the way to rise from 4’s temporal time square.

“Some men will never catch a butterfly, while others live surrounded by them and their beauty. Why? Because they dare.”

Nina Gabriel

Five corresponds to Fifth Chakra – The Power of Will – embodies the challenges of surrendering our own willpower and spirits to the will of God. From spiritual perspective, our heist goal is the full release of our personal will into the “hands of the Divine.”
Location: The Throat. Color: Blue (see more detailed explanation of charkas for their, locations, meaning and more – under CHAKRAS.
Symbolic/perceptual connection and challenge of Willpower chakra is to progress through the maturation of will: from the tribal perception that everyone and everything around you has authority over you; through the perception that you alone have authority over you; to the final perception, that true authority comes from aligning yourself to God’s Will. The essence of fifth chakra is faith.

The Sacred Heptagon #7 is begotten by none nor begetting any other, is stationary and directionless, and so 7 is ever-present and omniscient. Unique unto itself and aloof, 7 is pinnacle, of high spiritual realm. Both 5 and 7 are un-begotten and therefore sacred. Overseeing and ever embracing, 7 is the complementary transcendent prime of the 5 of man.
Understanding the forces of 5’s initiatory rite, 7, of the king-dome, provides guiding wisdom for 5’s incarnate man, Seven is the capstone to sacred 5, the arisen spirit of incarnate man-the body of light, the gateway for man to return to God.
Seven, is cardinal, sanctified, magic, a blessing, a bestowal, a gift, fortune, luck, serendipity, and fulfillment-all found in the stillness of being. Seven is angelic, of heaven’s music in light, color and sound. Seven links, unites, and entirely transcends spatial form and temporal time. Seven is space less and lives in forever time.
Although 7 is sought, 7 seeks not. Seven embraces all other numbers unconditionally – what was and especially, 7 kisses 8 which always returns to 7’s love. Seven is sanctified, destined, spiritual, 7 is Universal Love. Seven is special, 7 is the crown or sacred number, exalted above all other numbers.
In all cultures, myths and legends seven represents: completeness and totality, macrocosm, perfection, plenty, reintegration, rest, security, safety, synthesis.

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