Simon Puschmann

Simon Puschmann

Location: Germany

1968 born in Essen, Germany
1985-86 exchange year in Auckland, New Zealand
1986 German & NZ University Entrance Certificate
1986-87 several internships with photographers and ad agencies
1987-89 Lette Verein Berlin, Germany (photography school)
1989-91 photo assistant with several advertising photographers
1992 first own studio, beginning of self-employment
2006-09 lives and worked in Marblehead, MA, USA
2009-today lives between Hamburg, London and Los Angeles or in his Airstream, somewhere in Europe

Simon Puschmann is an award-winning commercial photographer and director who defies all categories. For 30 years, he has been creating his own brand of dramatic, unexpected imagery


WASTELANDS by Simon Puschmann

For my series “Wastelands”, I wanted to highlight the scope and permanence of trash produced by various metropolitan cities. By transforming garbage into an elegant exercise of composition, form and line, the disposed waste begins to create an unusual portrait of each respective place. Through each urban center’s trash, a picture begins to take shape that reflects unique consumption patterns and habits.

By elevating these disposed materials, they become mediations on the larger global issue of excessive waste. This series is intended to be a visual critique of the crisis our planet is facing.With more and more trash accumulating in our environment, I was compelled to make a statement through my lens. My intent for this work is to resonate with viewers, raise awareness about the global trash issue, and inspire the audience to reduce their own personal consumption of trash and single-use plastics.

I chose the technique known as “knolling” – a process of arranging objects at 90-degree angles and photographing them from above. By utilizing the same set up, the same lens, the same distance, the same surface and the same collection technique, a comparable series begins to form allowing us to objectively contrast and evaluate individual cities. Not only does this create a distinctive visual language and is symmetrically pleasing to the eye, using the subject matter of disposed trash creates a powerful and urgent juxtaposition.

Wastelands - Berlin “Wastelands - Berlin”

Berlin - Kottbusser Tor - Germany

Wastelands - Brussels “Wastelands - Brussels”

Brussels - les Marolles - Belgium

Wastelands - Carpinteria Beach “Wastelands - Carpinteria Beach”

Carpinteria Beach - CA - USA

Wastelands - Groningen “Wastelands - Groningen”

Groningen - Stadscentrum - the Netherlands

Wastelands - Hamburg “Wastelands - Hamburg”

Hamburg - St Pauli - Gremany

Wastelands - Johor Bahru “Wastelands - Johor Bahru”

Johor Bahru - City Square - Malaysia

Wastelands - London “Wastelands - London”

London - Brick Lane - England

Wastelands - Los Angeles “Wastelands - Los Angeles”

Los Angeles - 1st Street Bridge & South Mission Rd - CA - USA

Wastelands - Munich “Wastelands - Munich”

Munich - at the banks of the river Isar - Germany

Wastelands - Paris “Wastelands - Paris”

Paris - 1st Arrondissement - France

Wastelands - San Francisco “Wastelands - San Francisco”

San Francisco - Downtown - CA - USA

Wastelands - Singapore “Wastelands - Singapore”

Singapore - Little India - Singapore

Wastelands - Wacken “Wastelands - Wacken”

Wacken - Heavy Metal Festival - Campground K - Germany

Wastelands - Malaga “Wastelands - Malaga”

Malaga - City Center and Soho - Spain