Anna Khodorovich

Studied art , stage and costume design in Russia. l live and work in the Netherlands since 2004.

After 14 years career as a stage and costume theater designer I decided to make a new start as a painter. In 2015 I got a scholarship from the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam for a class of Jim Harris and Sam Drukker and graduated in 2016. In June 2016 I received the Rembrandt Young Talent Award at Noordwijk painters festival.

I paint landscapes, people and things. Water is the main subject of my works. Swimming people, pools, things in the water , reflections make me very inspired. I paint on aluminium plates and aluminium foil with oilpaint. Also I use other surfaces such as paper or canvas. I try to experiment with Dibond and materials , which I found at the waste dump.

My paintings are sensitive and emotional . I show details which most people do not notice . I paint both outside and in my studio.
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from my swimming pool serie

Ready to swim “Ready to swim”

oil painting on aluminium foil, 30 x 35 cm

Swimming pool 14 “Swimming pool 14”

oil painting on linnen, 100 x 80 cm

Night pool “Night pool”

oil painting on aluminium, 40 x 60 cm

No fire “No fire”

oil painting on aluminium, 35 x 50 cm