Mehrnoush Esmaeili

Mehrnoush Esmaeili is a freelance illustrator and painter from Iran. Her education is M.A. in "Illustration" from Tehran Art University. She has taken part in exhibitions in Iran, Taiwan, and Italy.
The theme she uses is human identity issues. She believes life is a fantastic puzzle combined with personal authority and destiny. She wants to highlight geometry mastery, linear value, and discipline in ordinary life.
She represents peace, happiness, and prosperity through the balanced interaction between creatures and nature.
She believes her style is neo-cubism.
She usually begins sketches and drawings manually, then puts them together in Photoshop, and finally, paints with a mix of Gouache, Acrylic, and Pen Drawing on cardboard.



I employ a geometry-based structure; Human, animal, plant, and abstract forms combine to display life events like putting a puzzle together. In my artworks, I use the circle form to emphasize the continuity of life despite all its ups and downs.
Emotional states and human concerns in interaction with conditions they face are an inevitable part of the life system.
Furthermore, there are problems at some point in our lives that affect our minds and even our body that have to go through them in the end.
This matter formed in my mind during the hard time of covid 19.


The bird is a symbol of the immortality of the soul. Also, the circle is a sign of the creation and continuity of life.
Here, the bird's interaction with the circle represents the eternal life cycle.

48x48 cm (Framed: 67x67 cm)
Mixed Media (Gouache, Acrylic, and Pen)


In this artwork, the lives of all creatures like humans, plants, animals, and one of the smallest unicellular organisms depicting in a house, which everybody resides on one floor.
There is a cycle of energy exchange between all beings and the earth from birth to death.

38×62 cm (Framed: 55×79 cm)
Mixed Media (Gouache, Acrylic & Pen)


Encountering súrprising event like falling in love at the time we don't expect drives us confused for a while. Especially when there is unbelievable full compatibility that describes the opposite but complementary.

50x50 cm (Framed: 67x67 cm)
Mixed Media (Gouache, Acrylic, Pen)


I believe even the ugliest and worst creatures in the universe have a positive side to their creation. For instance, beetles look so disgusting at first sight.
Although we all believe in the benefits of insects to the ecosystem, we make a big difference between ladybugs and other cockroaches.
Let's be more friendly with nature.

48x48 cm (Framed: 67x67 cm)
Mixed Media (Gouache, Acrylic, Pen)


The problems are similar to being stuck in a round hollow. We do make every kind of effort to overcome them. These challenging times are part of a life cycle that finally ends. Definitely, after all the intolerable times we have to go through, there would be an enormous relief that makes us stronger and softer.

50x50 cm (Framed: 67x67 cm)
Mixed Media: Gouache, Acrylic, Pen