Paola Volpato


Location: Italy

Born in Venice, and 'graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice-Free School of Nude and the International School of Graphic Arts, he attended courses of experimental techniques with the teachers and Basaglia Licata, stages of photography Monselles, Miani, Russian courses, digital image processing to the Fortuny Museum in Venice with Greiman.
She graduated in Political Science, University of Padua.
Since 1984 he exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy - including Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Como, Bolzano, Treviso, Padua, Caorle, Aprilia, etc. Mirano. - And abroad, including Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo do Brasil, New York, Sacramento, Uruguay, Vlamir-Moscow, Madrid.
In 1985 he won the national prize for poetry "Poets around the World" sponsored by "The Gazzettino".
He worked as a designer creating collections of upholstery fabrics for prestigious companies ? presented at Pitti in Florence and Milan Fair projects Murano glass industry, for manufacturers of carpets and furniture. Designed with leading companies on Murano glass.
He has created designs for posters, illustrations of art books and calendars.
He has taught courses on art techniques for children and teachers.
He has created paintings in private and public housing. ?
He recently worked on site specific installations, video art and photography. ?