Ilaria Arpino

Born and raised in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Ilaria Arpino studied fine art, illustration and advertising in Torino, Italy. She then moved to Philadelphia, USA and worked as an Art Director. Ms. Arpino currently resides in Miami, Florida, where she works and lives with her husband.

Ilaria’s artwork and poster design were selected to promote former First Lady Mrs. Barbara Bush’s “Story Time” in collaboration with Time Warner Inc. In 2001, Ilaria was the recipient of the Philadelphia Art Director’s Club Award. A number of her paintings have been used in national advertising campaigns in the USA and Italy including her ink illustration and design depicting the life of Motown legend James Jamerson.

Her passion for art and music fuelled her love to travel and live abroad. From 1999 through 2016 Ilaria has featured her work in exhibitions across the USA, Italy, France, Thailand, Macao and China including The Art Alliance Gallery in Philadelphia, The Bangkok Cultural Center in Bangkok and the Portuguese Art Center in Macao. In Macao, she collaborated with renowned Chinese calligrapher, Maestro Carlos Choi Chun Heng, in an art exhibit titled East meets West.

Ilaria’s most recent work includes a series of figurative bronze sculptures emerging from a 10 meter-long-roll of white paper. The paper is stroked boldly with black ink in abstract calligraphy symbols representing an emblematic Path of Life. This installation was exhibited in Madrid during the summer of 2018 at Faim Art Fair. Her current installation titled Urban Angels features various bronzes accompanied by colored street construction elements such as concrete, rock and steel.

In March 2018 Ilaria won the prestigious Maradiva Art Residency in Mauritius, one of the Art Residency Program featured in the 12th Arte Laguna Prizes of Venice, Italy. The residency was organized with the collaboration of the Basu Foundation for the Arts based in Kolkata, India.

Ilaria’s work is currently shown at Gallery 88 in Miami Beach, MAC ART Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, MAC ART Gallery in Jupiter Florida, Maradiva Art Gallery in Mauritius, and ADC Art Gallery in Cincinnati. In December 2018 Ilaria exhibited her sculptures at Spectrum Miami during Art Basel.

List of art exhibitions
2019 | ADC Art Gallery | Cincinnati, OH, USA (group, current)
2019 | MAC Art Gallery | Jupiter, FL, USA (group, current)
2019 | MAC Art Gallery | Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA (group, current)
2019 | Soul Abstractions revealed | GALLERY 88 | Miami Beach, FL, USA (group, current)
2018 | SPECTRUM MIAMI | Art Basel Week, Miami, FL, USA
2018 | Urban Angels | MARADIVA Art Gallery | Mauritius (solo)
2018 | Wynwood Juried Show | Miami, FL, USA (group)
2018 | FAIM Art Fair | Alma Sensai Club | Madrid, Spain
2018 | Wynwood Life and Art Festival | Miami, FL, USA (group)
2015 | Nihao International Art Festival | JFC Art Gallery | Xiamen, China (group)
2009 | Taipa Art Gallery | Taipa, Macao (solo)
2008 | East meets West | Portuguese Cultural Center | Macao (solo)
2007 | Bangkok Cultural Center | Bangkok, Thailand (solo)
2005 | Life out of context | Thomas Jefferson University Art Gallery | Philadelphia, PA, USA
2004 | Les femmes | Raffaello Art Gallery | Nice, France (solo)
2003 | Artisti per uno spazio | Sala Auditorium Borelli | Boves, Italy (group)
2003 | Life out of context | The Art Alliance Gallery at Rittenhouse Hotel | Philadelphia, PA, USA
2003 | Life out of context | The Philadelphia Ethical Society Art Gallery | Philadelphia, PA, USA
2001 | Chorus of a woman | UPenn Kelly Writer House Art Gallery | Philadelphia, PA, USA (solo)
2000 | The Mochulu Vessel Pop-up Art Gallery | Philadelphia, PA, USA (group)
1999 | Sheraton Hotel Pop-up Art Gallery | Philadelphia, PA, USA (group)

2020 | Kolkata Art Residency, Basu Foundation for the Arts, India
2018 | Mauritius Maradiva Art Residency, Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy
2018 | Sculpture Award, Wynwood Juried Art Show, Miami, FL, USA
2001 | Design Award, Philadelphia Art Director’s Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Private collections
2019 | The Anarchist Lucia | bronze sculpture | Private collection of Ms. Brenda Freeman,
Miami, FL, USA
2019 | The Introvert | bronze sculpture | Private collection of Mr. Jon Beason, Miami, FL, USA
2019 | Reflection | bronze sculpture | Private collection of Mr. Alan K. Mills, Indianapolis, IN, USA
2019 | Woman no cry | bronze sculpture | Private collection of Mr. Franklin Sirmans, Miami, FL, USA
2018 | Waiting for Luca, | bronze sculpture | Private collection of Mrs. Nancy Thaler, New York, NY, USA
2018 | Freedom | sculpture | Private collection of The Maradiva Art Gallery, Mauritius
2018 | Wing of Freedom | bronze sculpture | Commissioned by The Maradiva Resort, Mauritius
2018 | The Wave | mixed media | Private collection of The Basu Foundation for the Arts
2018 | Tropical leaf | mixed media | Private collection of Mr. Ramdanee CEO of Maradiva Resort, Mauritius
2009 | The Jump | acrylic painting | Private collection of Mrs. Sarah Sheldon, Melborne, Australia
2011 | The dreams | acrylic paintings | Private collection of Ms. Daniela Bonavita, Italy
2008 | Healing | acrylic painting | Private collection of Ms. Donia Codita, Dubai, UAE
2008 | The lightness of a butterfly | acrylic painting | Private collection of Ms. Tina Russel, Hong Kong

Artist supported by The Basu Foundation for The Arts, Kolkata, India
Ambassador for The Basu Foundation for The Arts, Kolkata, India, in Miami, USA
Artist supported by The Hafnia Foundation, USA

The Wave | Mixed media | The Basu Foundation for The Arts
The heart beat of Mauritius | Painting | ¬¬ARISE Association



The inspiration of my artwork is drawn from ordinary encounters, experiences and intense observations of everyday life. My creations are never entirely planned, as the ideas behind them at times change sporadically in their own way and timing, evolving organically into their final form in response to my creative desire.

Connections “Connections”


The Connections installation consists of a roll of 10-yard-long white paper, stroked boldly with black ink in abstract calligraphy symbols. The paper hangs from the ceiling and rolls down covering the floor surface. A series of figurative bronze sculptures emerge from the paper following the black ink marks on a symbolic path of life.

A web of black thread crosses the installation from wall to wall, suspended above the sculptures and the roll of paper. The labyrinth of black yarns is open to interpretation as it may represent a mystical firmament, a network of filaments, or even an intriguing maze of lines. The horizontal ocean of thread personifies an endless fabric of connections that hovers over the vertical bronze sculptures. The different mediums dialogue with each other and balance out to create a curious new dimension to the installation.

My self-identity plays a subconscious role in this installation, as the black threads suspended over the sculptures in a sense represent my experiences,the human connections and paths of life moving all around the world as a foreigner. There are no wrong paths to take in life, as each one is an individual opportunity that may lead to something beautiful.

Maternity “Maternity”

This bronze sculpture represents a woman looking down to her lower abdomen in an act of love. A natural river stone attached to her tummy symbolizes the growth of a new life. The intense whirlpool motion of a metallic wire encircles her waste and expands to her entire body creating an intimate bond between herself and the new life.

Persephone (Spring) “Persephone (Spring)”

“Persephone” | Bronze | silver patina | 30”H x 10”W x 8”D | 2019
This bronze sculpture belongs to a series of four pieces entitled “The Seasons”. This piece represents Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring. A swarm of butterflies flutter around her face and neck kissing her softly, representing the arrival of spring.

Karpo (Autumn) “Karpo (Autumn)”

“karpo” | Bronze, black, green patina | 30”H x 14”W x 9”D | 2019
This bronze sculpture belongs to a series of four pieces entitled “The Seasons”. The female sculpture represents Karpo, the Greek goddess of fall. Her elongated neck leads elegantly to her lips and cheeks in anticipation of an awakening. Skinny branches caress her neck and face precluding the melancholy of winter.

Black Venus “Black Venus”

“Black Venus” | Concrete | black pigment | metal pedestal
50”W x 12”H x 9”D | 2019
This life-size female concrete sculpture is the embodiment of Venus, the ocean-born goddess of physical beauty and love. The female figure is laying horizontally supported by a metal pedestal. The highly polished surface of the concrete evokes the glistening appearance of the goddess’s dark skin as she emerges from the water.

Under my skin “Under my skin”

Under my skin, 2019 | Unique piece
Concrete | Acrylic paint l Alaska glacial stone
57”H x 12”W x 9”D
I met a young woman on the beach of Virginia Key, Miami; she was graceful and elegant. Her body was covered with outrageous tattoos, a way of expression and rebellion, she told me. She became the inspiration in the creation of this sculpture.
Working with concrete is fascinating; there is an intense preparation upfront and minimum improvisation in modeling. The cement, the armature and the gravity controlled my sculpting. I found freedom of expression in rendering and painting the tattoos all over the body of the sculpture. The use of a glacial stone from Alaska as pedestal adds uniqueness.

Urban Angels

“Urban Angels” Installation | Bronze | Concrete stones, steel
Urban Angels is a series of solitary figurative bronze sculptures accompanied by street construction elements in the form of rock, concrete and steel. The genuine nature of the Angels contrasts with the rough and brutal textures of the rubble, resulting in a graceful emancipation from the debris.