Emilio Cianfoni

Emilio Cianfoni’s abstract works consist of complimentary or contrasting oil on lime primer in a pictorial dimension. Most of the time the work begins spontaneously, then builds gradually as it develops. Preceding his most recent works, he dedicated his time to painting conservation, which gave him a different perspective. He redefines his media by returning to the artistry of using paint brushes. Painters such as George Romney and William Glackens have impacted his practice. In Italy, he was an expressionist; later in the US he progressed to his current work. Accompanying his new art works he uses his lime paint with a conceptual approach. An example of his work is the “Van Dyck Brown” painting, (pg. 7), where the pigment transforms by titanium white towards the center in- duced by the red color at the edges.


Emilio Cianfoni Works

Celebrating the abstract journey of life, international artist Emilio Cianfoni expressionist color field canvases explore the expansive possibilities of a nonobjective universal language. His abstract quest is to translate onto canvas the non-representational, divergent realities of shape and color, transcribing them to a complete fulcrum of expressive sensations. Resonating with the verve of non-objective vision, his masterful tableaux resonates with a cornucopia of color and form which dominates his visceral masterful vision. Gestating into a sensory experience, Mr. Cianfoni’s powerful abstract expressionist work illustrates the emotional essence of the natural world and invites us to imaginatively connect with the universe. Revelatory and reflective, Emilio Cianfoni dazzling compositions are a visual syntax of the illusory realm that metamorph into personal expressions of the inner self. Influenced by dynamic emotions, this gifted artist explores the many narratives spun by both memory and emotional attachment, resulting in a transcendent oeuvre that is stunningly beautiful. Appealingly conveying an expressive strain underscored by unexpected perspectives, his oeuvre derives inspiration from the choreography of the Abstract Expressionists and does not conform to a formulaic asymmetry. Through amorphous shapes and a carefully selected syntax of illuminated color and texture, the artist creates a sensorial experience as he intuitively builds layers of energetic color on the canvas, His artistic manifesto is essentially focused on the subtext that lies beneath the surface where he creates a symphony-like complexity in each work, weaving a colorful concert of hues and textures building a rich tapestry onto each canvas.
Bridging the world of abstraction, his visceral paintings are seen as a creative exploration of internal worlds. These visual reflections of our internal and external realms intersect to evoke imagery through bold and instinctive brushstrokes which flow from each painting. Cajoling us to probe our own artistic sensibilities, his visual and textural non-representational works are laden with meaning as they explore the emotional weight of our world. Indeed, Emilio Cianfoni intention is not so much to faithfully represent the world but rather to evoke the feelings and the inherent emotions contained within. Dynamic and expansive, the common thread that runs throughout his oeuvre is to unearth new meanings for the viewer. Brilliantly translating onto canvas with a syncopated beat of the abstract, award-winning painter Emilio Cianfoni has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work and has embarked on a painting career which has catapulted him to a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. Born in Italy and now living in Florida, the presence of this global artist’s works in prestigious collections across the world is affirmation of his continually expanding international reputation.

Coral “Coral”

Coral, 2017, Oil on canvas, 44” x 50”

Van Dyck Brown “Van Dyck Brown”

Van Dyck Brown, 2017, Oil on canvas, 44” x 50”

Purple “Purple”

Purple, 2017, Oil on canvas, 44” x 50”


The Constructive Energy in the Artistic World of Emilio Cianfoni

Flows of forces that hold matter together and streams of energy rolling from body to body support the physical reality around us. If we could distinguish the waves that continually cross our surrounding space, we would perceive fluid energy that moves in all directions, rippled by electromagnetic rivulets on a static layer of radio and heat waves. Well, this world that our eyes cannot see can be captured by the creative eye of the mind. This is what Emilio Cianfoni does for us. His undulating brushstrokes render the dynamic essence of the world as it is transported by streams of energy that are neither violent nor destructive; they have nothing of nuclear energy. Cianfoni’s disciplined waves run one after the other, moving layers of positive energy: a healthy chemistry that we need to face life and to fill it with concrete things and hopes.In one of his latest works, Cianfoni juxtaposes physical reality and the reality of painting: they are two worlds—one touchable, rough, concrete, the other imaginable, colorful, and impalpable— each in the service of the other. In a baroque perspective, he puts a used, military boot, in front of one of his painted canvas, amidst a crescendo of multicolored layers from which numerous waves reverberate one over the other. What is the significance of this combination? Its dialectical meaning is to be found in its glaring contrast. The canvas is the world to be built, made of positive energy to be consumed for good, a mass of “orderly”, overlapping, and wavy layers of energy. The boot, instead—painted with the same palette used for the canvas—helps us walk toward that world, which must be our ultimate goal. Hence, the physical world leads us to an imagined domain. Alas, prudence requires that the boot is used in the right way, because it may become instrument of war and destruction when in the hands of ambitious and authoritarian people. And this is the artist’s admonition: anything used in the wrong way can bring sadness and loss. If the boot is intended to help man to overcome difficulties and to reach betterment for all, then it has the same colors of the waves that man aims to achieve since the beginning. In this way, even a military boot becomes a malleable object that conforms to the will of the one who uses it, and can perform other actions. The title of this work, “Energy ”, hints to the subtle conceptual creation entrusted to both painting and object; it invites us to look in the right direction since the beginning, in order to help build a better world for our children.Artist Emilio Cianfoni has been experiencing the potential consonance between matter and painting for years. Through his artwork and an engaging palette, Cianfoni delivers messages that are easy to comprehend and that at the same time help us observe and discern what is unseen in our world. Perhaps the very things that escape our sight conceal the secret of our being.