Giacomo Giannelli

Giacomo Giannelli is an Italian Fine Art photographer based in London. With a background in storytelling, he has always been fascinated by all forms of art from a very young age.
Giacomo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where he was able to develop his artistic style, in particular his photography skills by exploring different ideas and details with a modern eye and digital equipment.
As per the Circle Foundation for the Art, “Bathed in masterful light and with a mysterious undertone, each of Giannelli’s picture tells a very unique story. His cinematic photographs convey a kind of drama and invite the viewer to consider an intriguing narrative”
His work has been featured in Fab UK Magazine, Issue 11, 29th March 2019. He received an honorable mention from International Photographer of The Year, 18th February 2018 and was a finalist of 33rd International Artavita Art contest, August 2019. He has taken part in a collective exhibition in Milan with Art Gallery Farini from 17th – 25th September 2019. Follow his work on and upcoming features in Circle Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue16, October – November 2019.


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