Victor Leblanc

Victor Pierre LeBlanc is a painter, sculptor, and Special FX artist. Originally inspired by stop-motion animation, he discovered his creative outlet through painting while in college. His academic work was mainly focused around the nature of consiousness and how reality is shaped by the mind, with large-scale figurative paintings of subjects unconsious and dissasociated from their environment. After graduating, he spent several years in the Special FX industy as a designer, sculptor, painter, and manager. Since 2016, Victor's main forcus has been creating artwork which express his vision of the modern human condition. Through the lens of the subconsious, his oil paintings explore the evolution of the mind, and the core pursuits that drive the modern psyche. Victor's work hopes to invoke a consideration of the enevitable collision of the digital realm with the human mind, and what this all means in the broad narrative of human history, so that we can better understand our future.


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