Richard Wynne

I have always been an artist, lived as an artist, and will die an artist. Simply this is what I do. This is who I am The song goes, “Fish gotta swim, Birds gotta fly.” Well, Artists have to create or part of them dies. A good Musician creates a bond between his music and an audience to create magic. If I perform this magic with my paintbrush then I am fulfilled. My success as an Artist can only be measured by how my work affects people. Every time I start a new work my intent is to show you my heart.
My colleagues often tell me to specialize in one subject, style, and medium. Sorry I cannot do this I must constantly evolve as an artist or stagnate. My subject material varies with my interests. Certain styles and mediums are more effective than others when presenting a certain subject I paint with emotion and the birth of each painting is a constant struggle. I am not afraid of failure because from that I will grow and evolve as an artist. And sometimes failures with time become successes. Sad to say often only time awards the artist.
Styles I have many and various styles. I can’t help it. My style changes with my mood, choice of subject, and what I am trying to say.
I tend to paint in series, staying with one subject until I have exhausted the material. Usually there is enough for a show in any series.basically as an artist I am self-taught. I did not fir the mold of mass Art Instruction. I do not see circles stacked up – I see people. Now the things I was trying to do then are now in accepted. I didn’t believe at the time and still do not believe in breaking every one down to an assembly line artist factory method of education. Then later expect the artist later to find his or her own unique style.
I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Educated in Indiana, Chicago, and Utah. I have lived in many Countries and only recently returned to the USA after being away a long time.
I have been a working artist for over thirty years and have shown my work in many Countries. I am the proud Father of an autistic son whom I live my life around. He is also an artist. My work may be viewed at http”//


Current Works

After a lengthly stay in the Hospital I am back home and painting agian. I am painting for me more and more now, trying to say what I need to say.

With the help of my team “With the help of my team”

Mixed media_on a transparent backing_24X18"
mixed media_cancer_onocology_cancer cells_father sick_ son sleeps by him_colorful

Big Sur “Big Sur”

16X20"-Oil on canvas+Painted in-situ_2011

Where are my Babies “Where are my Babies”

Mixed Media Collage on canvas_20X16"_this made from my pallet paint scrapings glued on canvas. What does the title mean? You must find for yourself.

Armagedon Rag “Armagedon Rag”

18X24" mixed mediums on canvas_part of an upcoming series

Four AM Dream “Four AM Dream”

14X11"_Oil on canvas_Abstract_Dreams_Ghosts of my past

Cancer comes to visit “Cancer comes to visit”

How I felt when the Doctors told me I had Cancer. 12X16" Mixed Mediums on canvas

Music Lovers “Music Lovers”

11X9" Ink on paper, study for future major piece.

Dawn “Dawn”

Oil on Canvas_ 16X20"_ My impression of a Sunrise over a field.

Fandango “Fandango”

Another in my "Dance Series". This is painting on a transparent backing.

Carlsbad Beach Sunset “Carlsbad Beach Sunset”

12X24" Oil on canvas. A beautiful sunset at Carlsbad Beach. Done from sketches and many photos at the beach. Every thing lights up as the sun sets.

Current Works

After a lengthly stay in the Hospital I am back home and painting agian. I am painting for me more and more now, trying to say what I need to say.

Take me home “Take me home”

We are still trying to find a service dog for my son, This was a Puppy at the Animal Shelter

Rappin; “Rappin;”

I am currently doing a new series about Rap and Hip Hop

Requiem  for Khun Tony “Requiem for Khun Tony”

mixed medium on transparent backing_23.5X34"_mixed medium_double sided work_khun tony_death_tsunami_tidal wave_prince_thailand_abstract_expressonistic

Kelly with Sunflowers “Kelly with Sunflowers”

Pastel on canvas_Portrait of the organizer of a AutisticTeens Club_ She is Autistic and devotes her life to helping others on the spectrum.

Dance Night “Dance Night”

Ink/graphite on cardboard_15X22"

Samurai of Peace “Samurai of Peace”

Mixed Mediums on canvas_71X47"

Tulles at Dawn “Tulles at Dawn”

Oils on masonite_24X36" Painted in situ on an Island in the Sacramento River

Bandera de tejano “Bandera de tejano”

Tex_Mex Border Music_11X14"_oil on canvas_2012

Works of 2014

I will show work as I finish

Brother verus Brother “Brother verus Brother”

32X33" - Pastel on Canvas- Perhaps my comment about all the conflicts in this very small planet. Some people think this is a violent painting. It wasn't meant to be.

Valley View “Valley View”

This piece was done on a recent road trip with my son,Rhys. I pprefer to use chalk pastels for plein air paintings. One can stick them in a pocket and you are in business. There is no need for an easel. Later a oil or an Acrylic piece can be done from the en situ piece.

Flowers “Flowers”

19X19"- lacquer on a transparent backing_I learned this technique in Asia while I lived there.It is a very time consuming and demanding technique. One starts with light values on one side and dark on the other. Then alternating sides layers are applied in the same manner until a double sided painting results.
There can be no mistakes as then the piece is ruined. I loke this medium because the results are vivid colors with great depth.

City Night “City Night”

A City Night scene showing the lights and traffic.

El Ojo De Dios “El Ojo De Dios”

Maybe we are not alone. 24X36" Mixed Mediums on canvas. Just Finished.

Buddha Weeps “Buddha Weeps”

16x10" Mixed Media on masonite. The spirit lives but is blinded by the Materialism of our World. We know live with the Morality of Convenience.