J. F. Bautista

- Architect by trade, I design buildings in different categories: Assembly (Group A), Business (Group B), Educational (Group E), Factory (Group F), High-Hazard (Group H), Institutional (Group I), Mercantile (Group M), Residential (Group R), Storage (Group S).

- As an Artist I give shape (Building Envelope) to the buildings to come. https://www.artbybautista.com

Art Exhibits
2019 LICARTSOPEN - The Factory Fall Salon (Art Exhibit)
2019 LICARTSOPEN - 10"x10" Silent Auction Art Show
2019 LIC-Artists Off The Wall (Post Cards Art Exhibit
2019 LICA Fear Part III (Art Exhibit)
2019 NYC Art by Architects (Second Annual Show)
2019 UNBRIDLED Fine Art by Architects (Curated by J. F. Bautista)
2019 Urban Dance (Photography Exhibit)
2018-2019 Off The Wall (art Exhibit)
2018 Fall Salon 2018 - The Plaxall Gallery
2018 LIC-A Fear Returns (Art Exhibit)
2018 Unnatural Selection (Art Exhibit)
2018 Fever: An exhibition highlighting global climate change
2018 From Minuscule to Monumental (Art Exhibit)
2018 LICA-Summer Postcards Show
2018 Showcase 2018
2018 Escape Velocity
2018 HEAD
2018 LIC-A@ATLANTIC:2018
2017 LIC-Artists "Art From The City's Heart" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists LIC-Fear "Gargoyles" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists "Making Connections" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists "Garden of Earthly Delights" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists "Walk with Light" (Art Exhibit)
2009 BRAZIL, MUNDIART (Art Exhibit)
2009 Brooklyn Art Project (Art Exhibit)
2008 USA, MetroXpress New York, NY (Exhibit)
2008 USA, Look At Life Gallery (Art Exhibit)

Author's Bookstore
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©2016 Dark Second edition
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Organic Mutant Architecture

There once was a place of monumental cities with towers that swept an entire civilization…
people were swept away and consumed by the machines and buildings built by visionaries
and is now self- transforming or mutating into a fantastic Organic Mutant Architecture Metropolis

Skyline “Skyline”

...when inorganic becomes organic...

Architectural Hallucinations “Architectural Hallucinations”

Mostly I’m focused in the Social Urban Decay which is the process of disintegration of a previously flourished functioning city or part of a city that falls into disrepair and abandonment or gradually falling into an inferior condition or progressive decline, NYC and other metropolis are my best examples.

Utopian Architecture “Utopian Architecture”

It is believed that advanced science and technology will allow utopia living standards; for example, the absence of death and suffering, changes in human nature and the human condition.

Reverse Engineering “Reverse Engineering”

How a parasite benefits at the expense of the other?, I know them, I live with them, I work with them and I don't like it.

GMO Error 666 “GMO Error 666”

From the book Architectural Hallucinations

All Natural “All Natural”

High Hill Foot with Diamond Tip
1 Foot = 12"
1/2 Foot = 6 Toes