Clyde Finlay

Clyde Finlay

Location: Canada

Over 25+ years I've been interested in the art community, exhibitions, speaking engagements, and creating new styles of art in different mediums. I create my art from my travels, studies in history, and everyday occurrences in my life. Please enjoy my invite to you all by viewing my website at


Clyde D. Finlay

Clyde D. Finlay's Landscapes art in the last three years. Most paintings are done in watercolor and colored pastels.

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Canadian Lakes “Canadian Lakes”

This painting is done in colored pastels and is part of a series of landscapes that are ready for online exhibits.

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Cathedral #1 “Cathedral #1”

This watercolor painting is from a series of urban landscapes I have done since 2019-2020. These paintings were inspired by my group exhibit in Gorlice, Poland, and Toulouse, France in 2015.

Three posts on nature's trail. “Three posts on nature's trail.”

Landscape series in watercolor, 5"x 7", 140 lb archive paper, Black matted.

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Five Stand True “Five Stand True”

Five Stand True, is a watercolor, 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 on watercolor archive paper, white matt.
Landscape series.

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"Tides Out" “"Tides Out"”

Tides out is a new series that started in August 2021. This series will continue with artwork that will show/exhibit water, waves, rivers, and various boats.
This series is in either watercolor or colored pastel paintings.

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' Blue Dusk" “' Blue Dusk"”

This waterscape is 8"x11", Archive paper, 2021 Series
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