Doderlein De Win

Born 1960, The Netherlands Art Academy Minerva, 2008-now. Besides painting and etching, I started to focus more at making statues. Participated at the cultural olympics twice (2002 2004) and took part in Grazz Cultural capital europe 2003 Art for me is a necessity. It's a way of watching, living and experiencing, one more abstract then the other, in a style that resembles my drawings / paintings and etchings. Most of them are humen figures, in which motion and emotion plays a major role. I want to give my work that extra something, not just a reflection of reality, but it has to transmit a a key part of the development process, to ensure that the theme is as strong as possible.

Rolf Doderlein De Win
Lerarenopleiding (1990-1996)
Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten “Minerva” Groningen
Werkzaam als beeldend kunstenaar en als docent op het MBO.

Solo Exposities (een keuze)

2004: Sandrinham pallace, UK
2008: Kerkje, Kortehemmen
2009: Museum “t Waldhuske” Houtigehage
2010: ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,,

Groepsexposities (een keuze)
2001 & 2007 : Fairbanks Alaska
2002: Aboslute Vodka USA
2002: Cultural Olympics Salt Lake City
2003: Grazz Cultural capital of Europe
2004: Bokrijk Belgian
2006: Lubeck Duitsland
2005: Asahikawa, Nagano, Japan
2007: Fairbanks Alaka
2008: Chabarovsk Siberië
2008: Sandrigham, uk
2009: Harbin China
2010: Bispbingen, Horb, Neustad,
2010: Kunstroute “kunst om e mar” Garijp
2011: Biënnale Florence
2011: Omrop Frylslan / Drachtsermuseum Leeuwarden
Werk in bezit van: Gemeente Nijmegen, Gemeente Leek, diverse bedrijven en particulieren, Sandringham Pallace UK, gemeente Bispbingen Gemeente Horb, Gemeente Mulda (allen in Duitsland).

The impossible?To see with your own eyes.
Art originates from the desire for the impossible, not from using possibilities.


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