Dalia Shaaban

dalia shaaban

Location: Egypt

Dalia Alaa , an artist from Alexandria , Egypt . Graduated from faculty of fine arts painting department 2017 , Alexandria University . My artwork can be described as modern and energetic , while traveling through cities we see ourselves on the road , in nature , in random and archaeological buildings we find our feelings fluctuate between passion , sadness and joy , we launch our imagination to record and tamper with colors and lines we move between self and subject , between though and action , and nature



throughout my career , i have always tried to ensure that the passion and the enthusiasm for my work has shone through . Despite my success as an artist .

the city “the city ”

painting of one of Alexandria's famous streets "fouad street " at night .
medium : Mixed media
size : 100*120

the road “the road”

medium : oil painting
size : 120*160

Other prespective “Other prespective”

medium: Mixed media
size : 100*70

Rashid “Rashid”

medium : oil painting
size: 2 m * 1.5 m

stability “stability”

medium : Mixed media
size : 100 * 160

Dandara “Dandara”

medium : oil painting & characol
size : 100*120