Rawia Ghandour Zantout

Rawia Ghandour Zantout

Location: Lebanon

Modern impressionist artist. Rawia Ghandour Zantout is a self taught artist.
Rawia finds her inspiration in the works of prominent Impressionist painters many of whom lived and worked in the south of France where she lived and studied.
In 2006 Rawia was commissioned to create a range of paintings for Banks with a focus on ecological themes mainly present in the landscapes of her homeland, Lebanon. Her works were printed as lithographs and distributed to thousands of bank customers.
In 2007, the artist, torn by the turmoil in her country, delved into the political side of art. She thus sought to crystallize the March 14 Revolution in Martyrs Square (which is hung in the Lebanese prime minister’s office) and after that the strife of the Arab Spring.
She was also commissioned to paint several portraits of World and Lebanese leaders including Vladimir Putin, Troels Povlsen, lebanese President Michel Aoun, lebanese prime minister Saad Harriri, ex lebanese prime minister Fouad Seniora and many others.
Rawia has participated in over 20 exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad.
Rawia’s artworks are currently displayed in Four Season’s hotel in Beirut.
Rawia was nominated for the world Global Art Award 2018 which took place last year in Dubai and was granted the Finalist certificate in the Painting category.
Contact info:
Facebook page: paintings of Rawia Ghandour Zantout
Website: www.rawiagzantout.com
Instagram: Rawia Zantout
Facebook: Paintings of Rawia Ghandour Zantout

April 2020: - Solo exhibition, Artifact gallery Manhattan, New York, USA
July 2019: Solo Exhibitor in Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon
May 2019:
THe Rich list Week end. Collective exhibition. Monte-Carlo. Monaco
May 2019: Gabriel fine Art Gallery. Collective exhibition. London UK
November 2018 - Parallax Art fair Exhibition, Chelsea Town Hall, London, Uk
October 2018 - selected amongst the Finalists for the Global Art Award, Dubai AE
August 2018 - Global Art Awart nomination, Dubai AE
November 2017 - Collective Exhibition at INTAJ House, Beirut, Lebanon
2017-today - Annual exhibition at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, Lebanon
2016 - Art for life. Collective exhibition for Charity. yacht Club Gallery. Beirut, Lebanon
2015 - Musee Emanuel Guiragossian exhibition, art Christmas bazare. Beirut, Lebanon
2015 modern art exhibition. Souk Beirut. Lebanon
2015 - Musee Emanuel Guiragossian exhibition. Lebanon
2014 - From Earth to modern art. Souk Beirut. lebanon
2014 - Serenite, Rochane Gallery exhibition. Lebanon
2013 - Vinifest, Wine, art and culture. "The vineyards" Lebanon
2013 - Christmas Collective Exhibition, Rochane Gallery. Lebanon
2012 - Byblos Bank Exhibition. Beirut, Lebanon "La Beaute du Printemps" Beirut, Lebanon
2012 - Exhibition in Paris, 3 Rue de Berrie. "La Beaute du Liban"
2011 - individual exhibition,"Jardins et fleurs" Galerie Rochane, Saifi Beyrouth. Lebanon
2011 - Collective exhibition, Etage d'art, Jemayzeh, Beyrouth. Lebanon
2011 - Collective exhibition, Afkart, Souk de Beyrouth. Lebanon
2010 - Christmas Exhibition, Rochane Gallery, Saifi, Beyrouth. Lebanon
2004 - Le Salon de L'immobilier et de decoration, Biel. Lebanon
2004 - Christmas Exhibition, Rochane Gallery, Saifi, Beyrouth. Lebanon
2000 - Collective Exhibition at Atelier "Oumayma Soubra". Lebanon
1990 - Le salon de graphisme, Nice.


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