Location: Romania

We experience colour from the external visual field through our own perspective, all these colours are the way our brain translate the external world. So keep your eyes open. They may touch you in so many ways. They may surprise you. You can find them in your memories, in a sound or in a gesture.

We seek in our subconscious colour but end up in grey because we forgot how to live up to our imagination. The imagination of a child. As our awareness rises we create a bubble placed right above our head which is full of colour, so the grey fades away. We perceive colours like something that is far from us, as we dive in our everyday life as adults. They are deep inside us, waiting for you to discover them. Like a treasure. You will not have the same perception as other people, but you will discover that you can have the same direction.

The origin of colour comes as we confront the grey. Imagine that the grey is a bubble and if you pop it, it dissipates.

A creative mind is sensible and receptive and we can tame our demons, our grey, call it as you wish. They are the same.

Our transparency is the condition of seeing colours themselves.

This is my struggle with grey and the transformation through colour.

So who is A.A.A.? It's a combination of colour in a grey world. Imagine it as a butterfly. Her cocoon is from a forest in Romania, but grew up in Bucharest.

Exhibition history:
BIAF - Barcelona International Art Fair - A.A.A - Dec. 16 - 17. 2016

TIAF - Tokyo International Art Fair - Alexandra A. Albu - May 26- 27. 2017

Bachelor Degree - National University of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest, Romania -
“ ART OF FILM “ - audiovisual comunication

Master’s Degree -
National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale, Bucharest, Romania -




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