Nika Dolia |

Nika Dolia is an artist currently based in Virginia.
She is an artist with a classical art background and education. It gave her skills and structure. New experiences and travels allow Nika to be creative in her art.

Realism Oil Paintings, and Abstract Art are her forms of expression.

Nika`s personal thoughts, life experiences and emotions blend with the subject model and come to life on canvas in her Realism paintings.

The subjects of these Realism portraits are mostly Women. Every woman is perfect, because she accepts herself as part of the Universe, a combination of pride and prejudice, that in the end creates harmony.

“The images of women in my art are natural. They can be serious, angry, happy, thoughtful, but it is who they are. Twilight of human feelings and this ruthless and dim light exposes everything that we would like to cover with a veil.”

Abstract is pure freedom, its liberating and allows Nika to relax from the mundane. It helps her to open creativeness, and allows experimentation with textures, mediums etc.


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