Renate Kirchhof

Renate Kirchhof

Location: Germany

Born and went to school in Berlin.
This was followed by studies at the Berlin University of the Arts with Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig and Hans Förtsch graphic design.
Graphic tasks were taken over, exhibition stands designed and realized.
This was followed by studying pedagogy as well as free drawing and painting.
After years with changing moves within Germany and Netherland, the long stay in Worpswede (a small artist village inNorth Germany) with an own gallery and permanent exhibitions.
Before returning to Berlin, there was a forced artistic break due to a car accident with a broken right arm.
After restoration, the 2nd phase Artistic work started.

Teilnahme an der Freien Berliner Kunstausstellung

Ausstellung in der Galerie Lösekrug

div.Ausstellungen bei Büro- und Geschäftseröffnungen in Berlin

Ausstellung im Technologie-Zentrum Boston/USA (Radierungen)

Ausst. In Holland bei der ESA/Estec

Ausst. Holland auf der Insel Kaag

Dauerausstellung in Worpswede in der eigenen Galerie und
div. Open Air Ausstellungen


Participation in the Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung

Exhibition in the Gallery Lösekrug

Various exhibitions in Berlin

Exhibition at the Technology Center Boston / USA (etchings)

Exh. In Holland at the ESA / Estec

Exh. Holland on the island of Kaag

Permanent exhibition in Worpswede in own gallery and
various open air exhibitions

Nominee Palm Art Award 2019, 2020 and 2021

Art Expo Zürich
Auch Teilnahme „Together we are one“

Circle Arts Foundation

Art Expo NY

Art Box Barcelona

Art Box Zürich

Kitz Art Kitzbühel

Artupclose NY (digital)

Paraiso MADS Gallery, Mailand and Foerteventura
Instergram: renate_kirchhof


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