Lucie Nizka

The work of artist Lucka Nízká is a striking amalgamation of influences and
techniques. Each painting is a composite piece, a unified whole formed from tiny
dots. The way these visceral points of colour combine and contrast to create vast
swirling bands of dream?like labyrinths or mesmerising geometric patterns draws
you in, surrounding you with the Artist’s inspiration from the everyday to the
profound. These canvases encapsulate and express the human experience in the
same way that man has done for thousands of years. Art communicates, it
expresses emotion and individuality and it transcends language. By taking these
traditional elements and expertly melding them with modern techniques and a
contemporary sense of self, Nízká expresses a creativity that is compelling.
Moving on from a background working in glass art, the artist now focuses entirely
on her paintings, painstakingly worked in acrylic on canvas using Chinese wands
and brushes. She works intuitively, considering her artwork an intrinsic part of her
daily life linked to her yoga practice so that each piece becomes a compulsion;
more than simply a desire, for Lucie painting is a necessity. As a result, each
painting is a reflection of the artist’s own personality; bright, vibrant and full of
boundless energy.


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