Eleanor Mcknight

I am an Abstract artist living and working in London. My paintings submitted for this competition reflect dreams and thought I have in my head during Covid. ‘The places we will go’ was inspired by my love of the work of Richter and my loss in travelling. I am beyond ready to explore again. This plaintiff is a homage to memories of escaping to beautiful cities for excitement The next painting ‘night trawling’ is based on a early dream I had when lockdown began. I love the ocean and to fish and enjoy the vast open spaces. The dream reflected a night time soirée to the sea and the romantic interlude the ocean at night portrays. The last painting ‘drifting’ Reflects my home in the aturks snd Caicos islands ... dreams of freedom, vast ocean, heat of the sun and mad colours reflecting the sky.


Staying in

Abstract painting I created during lockdown. It has dark blues for challenging times and light shades of white with pinks for times when we can be free again, hopeful and ready for our freedom which has been snatched from us the past year.


changes are there to challenge us, push our limits take us places we might not choose to go.
Abstract painting using oils and mixed media and my signature blues


Life is all about change and right now so many of us in new situations with many layers. I created this abstract piece in lockdown tackling the life changes I have had to deal with. It has my signature blues and I used oil and mixed media.