Lars Eje Larsson

Lars Eje Larsson

Location: Sweden

Born 1954 I have had regular exhibitions since 1980 in mainly Sweden, Norway and Denmark. But also exhibited in France, Spain, Holland, Austria, Italy and China. I work mostly with watercolor, but also with acrylic.

In my painting I move between different image worlds, which can shift from purely abstract to purely figurative. Most often I find myself in a figurative painting with semi-abstract elements. My way of working switches between intuitive painting and working with copies or depictions of reality. Sometimes a mix of these.

The most important thing in my painting is the light and color. I try to depict moods and space where the light plays the most important part. Composition and color are also important elements in my creation of images. I work mainly in watercolor and acrylic. In my watercolor painting, contrasts and opposites have great significance in charging the image. It is light against dark, wet against dry, distinct against diffuse, etc. Different watercolor techniques coexist on the same image area. The moods in my acrylics are also based on contrasts and contradictions in the visual expression itself. A kind of dualism. I paint a scene where the interpretations can be many and ambiguous, where the viewer writes the story.

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Girl in pink dress

Watercolor and Giclée fine art