Aristotelis Vikentiou

aristotelis vikentiou

Location: Greece

2012 KETHEA ''the house'' Center for Contemporary Art Thessaloniki

2011 Artist first cycle gallery of library halkida sculpture

2011 E.E.T.E ''people- color - Iron''5 sculpture Perama ship repair zone

2011 festival film 12o Patras video ''choreography of soul''

2011 Arttogether festival six d.o.g.s sculpture.

2011 l.a theater video festival

2011 KETHEA ''the house'' texnopolis ''the house that sculpted the life''

2011 Art Athina sculpture

2011 manifactura ''artproject'' sculpture

2010 Future Generation Art Prize.

2010 Conjectural plan of salvation''''hospital Salvation outdoors sculpture.

2010 ''Someone opposite''Industrial Museum ermoupolis Syros sculpture.

2010 Cabaret voltaire art event sculpture.

2010 E.E.T.E ''people- color - Iron''4 sculpture Perama ship repair zone.

2010 ''736 ideas for a dream'' collage digitally processed.

2009 ''Touch'' Agios Nikolaos Crete sculpture.

2009 Fringe festival texnopolis sculpture.

2009 ashinart '15 years old''video a.a (unjustifiably absent)

2008 Center for Contemporary Art ''Creator Then there'' Thessaloniki sculpture.

2008 Bellearte Lamia sculpture

2008 festival film 10o Patras video''the wing''.

2008 E.E.T.E ''people- color - Iron''sculpture Perama ship repair zone.

2008 Theater Oven''stage desing sketches and conjectural clothes in the theatre''

2007 ''Artistic city on a bicycle'' outdoors station Marousi sculpture

2007 bellearte Lamia sculpture (honorary distinction)

2007 Ashinart''outside of plan''2 sculpture.

2007 BIOS video festival video (public discrimination)

2007 Athensvideoartfestival texnopolis video.

2005 Bellearte Lamia sculpture (honorary distinction)

2010 Cover art direction in the poetry of Stavros Kampadais ''The third burn or get the nomination?''ed Alexandria

2006 Ashinart sculpture installation (Pepi Antoniadou candles).

1999 Artobacco''moments human''