Bucco Chantal

I love humans. In my work, as a psychotherapist, I meet them face to face every day and they deeply inspire my artistic work. My vision is to depict the human being including its diversity and sensitivity. I am passionate about portraying the craziness and the magic of life in my paintings, by adjusting the existing reality and sharing this transformation with the viewer. Through the medium of collage, I create an unlimited, undefinable new reality. Each picture tells its own story and comes alive piece by piece. I listen, I create and I am part of the metamorphosis. When I apply the synthetic resin, the story becomes a whole and combines the color and the collage.

2009-2011 Art Academy "Steinhäuser Beaux-arts"
Drawing, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting

Since 2012 Art Academy in Mettlach (D)
Drawing, color theory and composition, watercolor, acrylic painting, collage

Since 2015 member of the artists’ circle at the "Kunsthaus Mettlach" (D)
- Art analysis
- Subjets and their artistic implementation

2020 October - Gallery 39 Dudelange (L)
2020 March 5 - 22 - Valentiny Foundation, Remerschen (L)
2020 January - Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris (F)
2019 December - Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris (F)
2019 May - KUKI Culture and Art Festival Kehlen (L)
2019 Art Home Expo Paris virtual catalog (F)
2018 December - Distiart Kehlen (L)
since 2016 permanent exhibition in my practice rooms (L)
2014 September - Cultural Center Sandweiler (L)


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