Johannis Tsoumas

Johannis Tsoumas

Location: Greece

Johannis Tsoumas was born in Piraeus and has conducted studies both in the field of Fine Arts and Art History (HND (Design Ceramics) Harrow College of Higher Education, BA (Hons) Fine Arts / 3D Design, Middlesex University, London / Master of Arts in the History of Design, Middlesex University, London / Ph.D in Art History, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki). His painting has been distinguished by originality, both from a thematic and a stylistic point of view. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in many art galleries in Greece, Great Britain and Sweden. Many of his works belong to private and public art collections around the world.
He works as an academic as well as a fine artist. He is the author of four important books on the History of Art, Architecture and Design.


Industrial A.D.

My main source of inspiration is the purity of industrial landscapes, machines, gears, chains, belts, pulleys, smokestacks and factories into one, however, dynamic and conflictual relationship with employees and bosses. In an imaginative way I tried to harmonizs the contrast that characterizes the concepts of the animate and the inanimate, the strong and the weak, the signifier and the signified. Experience in the big city, with its multiform cultural and social characteristics, constitute for me the material for both my depictions and visual angle: an urban landscape full of mystery, fantasy and enigmatic atmosphere, but with clear social and political implications.

Souls in Tubes and Gears “Souls in Tubes and Gears”

Mixed technique on canvas 50x60 cm

Career Factory “Career Factory”

Mixed technique on canvas 50x60 cm

Children at work “Children at work”

Collage, inks and acrylics on canvas 40x60 cm

The Capital “The Capital”

Mixed technique on canvas 60x80 cm

Waiting “Waiting”

Mixed technique on canvas 50x50 cm

Urban walk by the sea “Urban walk by the sea”

Mixed technique on canvas 40x70 cm