Galdino Neto

American/Brazilian art photographer. Based in Miami Beach, Fl.


Galdino Neto Art

Galdino Neto was best known for his work as a practicing physician in Neonatology. Before the art world, Born in Rio de Janeiro, Galdino grew up in Brazil. However, living in the United States for almost all his adult life and capturing images that speak not only to a culture from which he has raised, but to a world who has been faced.

Pudor and desire, thrift and turbulence, sensuality and holiness. Even though at times they seem antagonistic, these are in fact, nuances of the human essence and of Galdino Neto's photographs. With excellent control of light and shadow, the artist brings out strong and sensual characters. Fragile and sensitive, works that mix the realism of photographic modernity with the classic features of paintings by Tenebrist artists.
His images exalt the body and the human psyche from compositions that lead to reflect on the meaning of life, death, sex and equality. Images from the brutality of darker side of the humanity to the beauty and nobility of the Human spirit.

Inferno “Inferno ”

A journey to hell .

The Kiss “The Kiss”

A kiss for all .

Ovulum “Ovulum”

The beginning , birth , embrionic.