Maria Huppi

I was driving down a back road with my husband Mike during a wind storm in 2000 when a tree fell onto the roof of our minivan. In a matter of seconds, our lives were drastically changed. Both Mike and I broke our necks as a result of this accident. Mike’s neck was fused and he still has full movement. My injury was much more serious as I was rendered a C5/6 quadriplegic and spent many months in rehab.

With much determination, I began painting with a brush held in my mouth. My mother, who is an artist herself, gave me some paint by numbers as gifts. To my surprise, I discovered a great passion for art.

Before our accident I enjoyed being out in the yard and gardening. Now flowers grow on my canvas. Watching the flowers, koi and goldfish in our backyard not only provides peaceful therapy but also color and movement which inspire me to recreate with paint.

Each day I strive to improve my artistic abilities and each day I fall more in love with nature and art as I create.


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