Martin Stenbak Drescher

Martin Stenbak Drescher

Location: Denmark

I paint. I am influenced by my passion for Graphic Novels from Back in the 80´s. I exhibit and would love new assignments.
Particpated in art schools in Denmark. Exhibitions both national and international. Born 1965.
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These paintings were all done during 2019. I started off doing larger paintings as a new for me (100 x 150 cm or larger).

Spacemanagement “Spacemanagement”

I have used the Sardinian Beachseller theme over the years. But this is by far the largest in this series.
I want the viewer to start asking questions. What kind of questions pops up in your head, when you see an overloaded salesman on the Beach?
Acrylics on canvas. 120 x 150 cm. 2019

The Sardinian Salesman “The Sardinian Salesman”

This painting was simply done to improve my skills on larger scale paintings. The motive Means a lot to me.
Acylics on canvas. 100 x 150 cm. 2019

Shark Fins belong in the ocean, not in your soup “Shark Fins belong in the ocean, not in your soup”

This image was done in order to focus on the meaningless killings of sharks, which I find beautiful and very mysterious.
100 x 150 cm Acrylics on Canvas. 2019

My Imaginary Skyline “My Imaginary Skyline”

I was inspired by artists, who uses a very simple form of motive. I did also want to use a very simple colorscheme in blue.
100 x 150 cm Acrylics on canvas (2019)

Black Sun “Black Sun”

Inspired by the Black sun´s which often can be seen in Denmark during summer.
100 x 150 cm Acrylics on Canvas. (2019)