Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker is an entirely self-taught artist based in Durham, who is based in the north-east of the UK.

Within the last 15 years he has focused almost exclusively on portraiture and the human figure. This subject area has proved to be a passion for Charlie. The challenge of representing each person’s particular character and unique personality, continues to prove endlessly fascinating. Much time is spent drawing from life, whether, within life drawing classes or within more informal settings.

Through careful study of the great masters, often by visiting galleries, Charlie was able to overcome the difficulty of been partially colour blind. Within the last 25 years Charlie has also exhibited throughout the UK, and sold internationally. He has also participated in art based television programmes and achieved success within art competitions. More recently he has run portraiture workshops and continues to complete individual commissions.

Tel: 0777 643 5094 (UK)



A collection of portraits from life and from photographs.

Geraldine “Geraldine”

Oil painting from life and photographs.
Size: 40 x 50 cm
For sale.

Self Portrait “Self Portrait”

Recent self-portrait.
Size 40 cm x 50 cm.

Adrian Simpson, Principle, JBC Durham University “Adrian Simpson, Principle, JBC Durham University ”

A commissioned portrait completed from life and from photographs.

Boy aged four “Boy aged four”

Pencil commission.
Size 30 x 40 cm.

Jordan Pickford, England footballer “Jordan Pickford, England footballer”

Black and white ink.
Size: 30 x 45 cm
For sale.