Amazilia Photography

Amazilia Photography is owned and operated by Paul, a British photographer who is an internationally published photographer with extensive experience working with models. He has recently won the Runner-Up Photographer of the Year position with an international magazine, and achieved 2nd Place Awards in the Nude Category in both 2018 and 2019 in one of the global fine art photographic competitions.

He holds Distinctions in both Foundation and Advanced Photography Diplomas, and has recently completed two books featuring narrative and some of his favourite images from natural shoots:-

He has recently exhibited a series of four sensual nude images entitled "Seasons of Venus" at the international Erotic Art Exhibition in London.

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Fine Art Nudes

This is the genre that got me into people photography in the first place. I never cease to be amazed by the wonderful poses some models are able to create, and how light can be shaped and used to produce inspirational images. This is a category where monochrome really shines, and I find it very hard to produce anything in colour that can parallel the stunning tones and textures of black and white on the female form.

My goal is to work creatively and collaboratively with models to produce unique images, which draw some emotion or connection from viewers.

Body Ballet “Body Ballet”

One of a series of images produced during a special session working with the multi-talented and inspirational duo athletic fine art nude partnership of Anna Rose and Ayla Rose. Incredibly Anna and Ayla had not worked together before this shoot, but they managed to produce one of the most impressive impromptu choreographed sets that I have had the pleasure to shoot.

Flexible Fine Art Nude “Flexible Fine Art Nude”

A stunning pose from the ballet-trained Miriam; one of a number of wonderful poses produced during a very productive shoot at Paul's Studio near Reading, UK.

Brave! “Brave!”

This was Em Theresa's response when I asked her to produce something special with the ceiling drapes; I couldn't have wished for better! The image was taken at The Cottage Studio in south-east England.

The Perfect S-Shaped Bodyscape “The Perfect S-Shaped Bodyscape”

This image was produced with Tessa G at The Cottage Studio in south-east England. This was Tessa's response to my request for the perfect S-shaped feminine bodyscape; it certainly works for me!

Fine Art Nude Symmetry “Fine Art Nude Symmetry”

Another fine art nude duo image featuring the very athletic Ayla Rose, but this time partnered with Charliee for a high-key implied nude image based on symmetry and an almost abstract presentation of the limbs and heads. This photograph is part of a stunning high key set with both models at The Loft Studio, Ipswich, England.