George Emil Odthermat

George Emil Odthermat

Location: Germany

I work as an art photographer and I like to experiment with this particular media. I’m inspired by an alternate reality in daily life, which appears for a moment, before it fades away. I’m interested in these very little moments, which I try to preserve with my camera, although it’s a game to no end.

I believe that all what exists, is only because it’s enclosed by the space in between the things, the silence among the soundscapes and the unseen inside the light. This in between is more than it seems to be. It has the power to express itself through the world of matter.

Matter is only a temporarily appearance of energy. If energy releases out of matter, there will be no position, no shape and no identity any more. This is what quantum physics teaches us.

We live in a world of steady transformation. Everything happens, nothing is. The world consists of occasions, not of things. Everything is in motion and relation to each other.


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