Grace Hurtado

Grace Hurtado

Location: Argentina

I have loved painting since I was a child. I studied with different art professors. Since 2008 I began my career as a Visual Artist
My Style is Surrealism. I brush paint oil on canvas
My moto was the deceased Surrealist Artist Vito Campanella. But I am seeking my own style
My goal is to be recognized for my paintings.


Let your ideas fly

"Let your ideas fly" is my last painting. Oil on canvas. Sizes: 50 x 60cm.
Although the young woman looks upset, she lets her ideas fly free like butterflies
There is a circle surrounding her with Japanese characters that mean Love, Honor, blessed, and other beautiful ideas.

"Let your ideas fly" “"Let your ideas fly"”

Oil on canvas. Brush painted. Sizes: 60 x 50 cm. Style Surrealism

Tic Tac “Tic Tac”

Oil on Canvas. Size 50 x 30 cm. Time is running out.
Be wise, love and live life as better as you can. Tomorrow can be late

"Warrior" “"Warrior"”

Oil on vanvas. Brush painted. Size: 60 x 50 cm. Lige is a battle we have to fight every single day. Be wise. And never give up

"Magical World" “"Magical World"”

Fairies, calas flowers, candles and, a magical environment depict what you can see in your dreams. That is Surrealism. Oil on canvas. Sizes:80cm x 60 cms Original.
My goal is to make your mind flies into a magical realm.

"Zero gravity" “"Zero gravity"”

Oil on canvas. Brush painted. Surrealism. Sizes: 100cms x 80cms. Two women floating among flowers in an antigravity environment. Their bodies are ethereal. They can go as in a dream wherever they want.
What does this painting suggest to you?

"Roses and little mechanical bugs" “"Roses and little mechanical bugs"”

Surrealism. Sizes: 70cms x 60 cms. Oil on canvas. Original. Brushed painting,
Have you ever imagined mechanical little bugs wandering among the living flowers? Blue roses, purple roses, Does it sounds weird to you? Well, that is the main idea.