Jim Grossman

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My photographs reflect the moods and rhythms expressed in the grandeur, power and serenity of the natural and urban world. A rich diversity of experiences, from a career as a lawyer and social worker to far-flung travel and adventure, have all found their expression in my photography.

Growing up in Minnesota and now living in California — places filled with natural beauty — I have always found time for making photos. Now, as more time is my own, I explore the world — fascinated by its color and diversity. Traveling in Latin America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere, I now have time for adventure and discovery. It’s all out there and I do my best to explore what moves and transports me. I hope when you see my photographs, you’ll feel as if you’ve been there with me.


Lens On The World

In my photographs I seek to capture and share those moments that distill the essence of natural beauty and character that express themselves in the people, places and wildlife I encounter as I travel the world or explore closer to home.

Himalayan Moonscape “Himalayan Moonscape”

On the way to Mount Everest, I encountered this beguiling Himalayan panorama.

Shapes and Shadows “Shapes and Shadows”

North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area is a study in contrasts.

Dazzle of Zebra “Dazzle of Zebra”

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. Swimming in unison across a waterhole.