Harry S Rogers

Harry S Rogers



Steve Rogers marine art images

I have always loved boats and the sea. In fact the quiet of the marshes will do as well. These are my attempt to preserve a way of life that is rapidly disappearing and show people what life was like even a short number of years ago. Some people have said there is a sadness to my work. Its not that, its an admiration and respect for the boats and people that have lived these lives.

Carmelle#3 “Carmelle#3”

This is a Nova Scotian trawler resting at low tide in its slip in bright morning sun

The Dory “The Dory”

low tide in Stonington. A work dory awaits the morning tide

Low tide “Low tide”

An egret hunts the shallow waters of a small estuary

Tangier Island Harbor “Tangier Island Harbor”

Working boats, crab shacks and shedding troughs line the edge of the island harbor