Location: Chile

My name is Marianne Musset Paredes, I was born in Temuco; Chile in 1994.

After 5 years studying law at the university, I decided to take a free year so as to take care of myself and at this point of my life free of long books and test I’m rediscovering my big passion for arts and pushed by curiosity, I dabbled into watercolor, as an autodidact.

That keeps me deepening into this wonderful technique, transforming it into a personal language which allows me to translate what each face and their expressions evokes me, through colors and looks.

Painting watercolour turned into a passion and a need to me, I paint because I love it, and I love it because It makes me feel like myself while I´m doing it.



This series of aquatic paintings, made in watercolor on paper, is constantly growing.

Due to my physical pain, water is a medium in which I can rest, so I find myself in a constant connection with these images.

calm 0001 immerse “calm 0001 immerse”

watercolors on paper 76 x 56 cm

calm 0002  hopeless “calm 0002 hopeless”

watercolors on paper 23 x31 cm

calm 0003 “calm 0003 ”

watercolors on paper 26 x 36 cm

calm 0004 “calm 0004”

watercolors on paper 23 x31 cm

calm 0005 “calm 0005”

watercolors on paper 23 x 31 cm

calm 0005 letup “calm 0005 letup”

watercolors on paper 76 x 56 cm

Honorable Mention in the CFA Artist of the Year Award