Daisuke Okamoto

Daisuke Okamoto’s drawing “OKAINA IMAGE” investigates the cycle of life in the complex, biomorphic, narratives of the organic. Influence by all that are sci-fi, Japanese nationalism and psychedelic culture; Okamoto’s drawings are intricate systems of penmanship.
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and currently living and working in Los Angeles, Okamoto represents the idea of the hybrid in both identity and transformation.
Drawn with a passion for mark making, Okamoto employs repetitive line drawing in ink to work for as long as years on a single drawing.



Daisuke Okamoto’s work, "OKAINA IMAGE" is an elaborate and involved system of ink line drawings representing identity and transformation, exploring the cycle of life in the complex, biomorphic narratives of the organic.

Daisuke Okamoto was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and currently works and resides in Los Angeles, California.

Okamoto's art is heavily influenced by science fiction and psychedelic culture. Given his intense passion for repetitive line drawing, Okamoto has been known to work over a year on a single piece.

Okamoto has partnered with Microsoft on a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 since 2022 and is a recipient of the Circle Foundation for the Arts "Finalist Award" as well as a CFA 2018 grant, CFA "Honorable mention award" in 2020, and 49th Artavita online contest 2021 "Finalist Award" recipient.

Mushpace “Mushpace”

15" x 20"
ink on paper

Flying Whale “Flying Whale ”

Mural at Santa Monica, CA

Represent LA “Represent LA”

Mural At Popkiller, Downtown LA

Neverlanding 1969 “Neverlanding 1969”

24" x 30"
Ink on paper

Toboggan Empire “Toboggan Empire”

18' x 12'

Toboggan LA office has always been located by the beautiful SoCal ocean, such as Venice Beach and Santa Monica, and incorporating ocean theme and Toboggan's mascot, penguins is the main inspiration for the mural. The gods of the ocean, both the mermaid and merman are protecting Toboggan as the guardians, and the penguin on the top with a torch is lightening the world up as the production does. The penguins around the stairs of icebergs welcome you to the world of Toboggan.

Contact me if you would like to see it in person or work with Toboggan Inc.
1445 5th Street, Unit A
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: 424-581-6215

Art of National Flags

Organic Nationalism

Made in Mexico “Made in Mexico”

10" x 8"
Ink and marker on paper