Kirsi-maria Perkkiö

Kirsi-Maria Perkkiö

Location: Finland

Kirsi-Maria Perkkiö is a self-educated Finnish artist with a background in drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. Her artworks are unique art pieces with a surrealist touch resulting from oil colors on canvas.

Kirsi-Maria Perkkiö began her career as an artist in 2007, proving to be very active in various artistic, cultural and musical contexts. Thanks to her original style, her artworks adapt to different styles of events, installations, advertising, concerts, ceremonies, interior design and more. In addition to exhibiting in Finnish galleries, her artworks can also be found both in local and foreign private collections and public contexts. Particularly noteworthy are the series of organ concerts and classical music concerts during which some of her paintings were exhibited.

Some of the artist's passions are European paintings and ancient architecture. The Italian Renaissance excites and inspires the artist a lot, leading her to transfer the human soul's deepest emotions, wishes, and expectations onto the canvas.

“By painting, I would like to describe the forces that push people in different directions. I try to bring to light the different personalities we all have and the roles we play in our lives. My paintings often also hide images in which I illustrate people, past events and experiences and which could come true. I paint change: death and a new rebirth."

The precise touch together with the colors, the details treated with parsimony and the contrasts between the nuances give the paintings by Kirsi-Maria Perkkiö a touch of Gothic to a mixture of Renaissance. The works can be understood as mysteries and souls that still speak to people in a universal way.


Portfolio (2015-2019)

Selected paintings, drawings, and installations from 2015 to 2019.

The first step" (Ensi askel), 2018 “The first step" (Ensi askel), 2018”

Winner of the Michelangelo Art Contest in 2019.
Oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm.

Kellopeli (Chimes), 2019 “Kellopeli (Chimes), 2019”

Öljy kankaalle 50*50cm 2019

Aura (Aura), 2019 “Aura (Aura), 2019”

Öljy kankaalle 150*100 cm