Rinette B Andreasen

Rinette B Andreasen

Location: Denmark

Autodidact Artist from Denmark
The lines in my paintings are minimalistic and simple -although irregular, curved, ambiguous, imperfect and mixed with strait lines -conveying a sense of agility, dynamism and equilibrium. The paintings are created in an abstract, non-figurative idiom based on line, color and shape.
The works are devoid of narrative and without symbolic content, communicated directly through sensory elements and via immediate experience. The colors glow with energy and vitality and makes the work vibrant. Sometimes, I go wild with colors, other times I use ancient earth pigments such as Raw Siena, Burnt Siena, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Indian Red and different Ochres.
I use recycling materials of which I read their story and bring them to life again in numerous ways, experimenting, with ancient canvas, heterogeneous and obsolete maps, copper engravings, media coverage or old sheets of music…all revealing colors with patina. I suppose you can call me a #recycleartist. I have a weakness for old frames, especially silver and gold plated, with patina. I am working within a sort of “organized mess” of colors, materials and frames.
Often, I decide to keep and preserve the initial artwork on the flipside of my paintings to add to the story. I have travelled a lot and I have absorbed the light and textures which will illuminate and give depth to my paintings. Especially I love to go to our old summerhouse in Skagen where I find the light and the solitude to be magnificent painting circumstances.
If you want to know something about me -as an artist-look attentatively at my paintings and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want.


Planet boost 1

This portfolio is about the earth, about planets and the sea.

Planet boost 1 “Planet boost 1”

Planets; the sun and the earth and also the sun

Planet boost 2 “Planet boost 2”

Earth wind and fire

Planet boost 3 “Planet boost 3”

Earth wind and fire

Planet boost 4 “Planet boost 4”

earth wind, fire and sea