Gerry Nelson

Gerry Nelson

Location: Spain

She remembers her love of art beginning at the age of four with her crayons. She was always the teacher to her three cousins. She remembers being totally perplexed by always being told to “stay within the lines”. With time, she expanded her interests and experiences to jewelry art, fabric art, acrylic and finally settled into painting with acrylics. Art for her is about the creativity, the colour, relaxation, the excitement, it’s great fun and totally addictive! Thanks for your interest.



Original Painting, Acrylic, Signed, Unframed
Large Sunflower painting on stretched canvas
Size 100 x 81 cm
935.00 Euros


Mezquita “Mezquita”

Painting, Acrylic, Signed, Unframed
Inspired by the Mosque in Cordoba, painted in Acrylics on stretched canvas.
Size 25 x 20 cm
425.00 euros


Abstract “Abstract”

Original Painting, Acrylic, Unframed, Signed

Size 20 x 24 cm
346.00 Euros