Lesa Nivens

I am a fine art artist and photographer. A simple person that enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like family and friends. My faith keeps me grounded and gives me hope that drives my artistic skills. I grew up in a small southern town in Northern Alabama, then moved to Phoenix Arizona where I lived for 30 years. Today I reside in Chattanooga Tennessee. The art that I create is driven by emotion. I am inspired by nature and imagination but more so inspired by love, happiness, and even disappointment. Every bit of it is fuel I use to ignite my creativeness. My photography is my way of showing the world a different perspective. My goal is to not just please the eyes, but to make the eyes and brain work together as a team. My choice of subjects are landscapes, nature, contemporary and abstracts.I do very little editing as possible. My photography and artwork reflect who I am as an individual and illustrate my unique point of view. All of my fine art photography is taken with a Pentax K3, Olympus Mark II, and Sony a7rii camera


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