Martina Mcateer

Martina McAteer

Location: Unknown

Internationally awarded Irish artist.Represented by many leading galleries.


Celtic Wings

These works are very ethereal with a sense of mythology and magic that is very much a part of Old Irish culture.The paintings are oils and gold leaf and have a wonderful dreamlike 'far away' quality to them.They are poetic in spirit,reflective and quite wistful! There is a flavour of angels and feathered freedom in the works that is stated in my own unique Irish way.Nature is portrayed in a sacred way full of mystery and knowledge,often symbolised as a beautiful woman.I often call my work ' a secret language of the heart'

Winter Fire “Winter Fire”

This work personifies Winter as a beautiful woman amidst the cold and raw beauty of Winter

Twilight Wings “Twilight Wings”

This work is about hope and divine help in difficult times.It is about letting go of burdens and worries....

Old dreams,New dreams “Old dreams,New dreams”

This work is about letting go of the past,of disappointments to make way for new hopes and dreams!

Silent Poem “Silent Poem”

This work is about listening to the language of silence